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light from nonthermal sources

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However, following the end of association, both the electronics maker will carry on their individual endeavors for the development of organic electroluminescence display panels.
Industry's First(7) Area-Color Organic Electroluminescence (OEL) - Two high-visibility Area-Color OEL displays give the SEP-C1 outstanding visibility for the pitch, playback time and position information.
The cutting edge test equipment includes pulse and continuous solar simulators, walk-in climate chambers, mechanical load and hail testers, electroluminescence testers, and high precision infrared cameras to evaluate all aspects of module quality and performance.
Electroluminescence (EL) is a means of generating light by the electrical excitation of light-emitting phosphor powders.
The player's compact design includes a three-line color organic electroluminescence display with cover art.
This team has also demonstrated highly-efficient electroluminescence with a broad range of emission colors, from violet to near-infrared, as well as for white broadband emission.
Tenders are invited for development and beautification including illumination of relics of adina and the adjoining places under gazole block - electroluminescence system of adina mosque at adina.
Archive Delphi develops its MyFi Display technologies from Bosch Denso's organic electroluminescence display Freescale Semiconductor's solutions Fujitsu Ten develops new display Honda Accord's instrument panel In-car moisturiser from Lexus MINI's Openometer Multi-disc CD players deleted from Ford Focus line MyFord Touch Next generation multi-functional displays from Visteon Two-colour slush skins from JCI TRW's touchpad sensor Visteon's new single screen display Visteon's C-Beyond concept highlights instrumentation innovations Visteon recognised for airbag door
This phenomenon is called electroluminescence, in which an organic semiconductor emits light in an electric field.
Tests included Electroluminescence Inspection and the 3xIEC Standard Thresher Test.
COM THERE are plenty of cycle helmets with conventional LED or halogen bulbs, but the Neonight uses patented electroluminescence technology.
com THERE are cycle light solutions a plenty that employ conventional LED or halogen bulbs, but the Neonight uses a much cleverer patented electroluminescence technology.
Excimer light emission control of phosphorescent platinum complexes and application in simple dope-type white electroluminescence elements
The three research papers investigate the photoluminescence and electroluminescence of copper-doped zinc sulphide nanocrystals, the effect of magnetic field on the growth of aligned carbon nanotubes, and the antibacterial activity of gold and silver nanoparticles grown from red algae.
is planning to develop technology for commercial mass production of organic electroluminescence panels for next-generation televisions by March 2016, industry sources said Tuesday.