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medical instrument that records electric currents generated by the brain

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Influence of fragrances on human psychophysiological activity: With special reference to human electroencephalographic response.
Dongier S: Statistical study of clinical and electroencephalographic manifestations of 536 psychotic episodes occurring in 516 epileptics between clinical seizures.
Physiological and electroencephalographic responses to acute exhaustive physical exercise in people with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy.
What Happens in a Hospitalization for Visual Image and Electroencephalographic Monitoring of Seizures?
8] measured the electroencephalographic coherence between the left and right temporal lobes of 184 volunteers over a three year period while they sat within a quiet, darkened chamber.
Spectral entropy as an electroencephalographic measure of anesthetic drug effect: a comparison with bispectral index and processed midlatency auditory evoked response.
Along with the new definition of biofeedback and a preliminary definition of applied psychophysiology, this edition has more on specialized applications like electroencephalographic (EEG) biofeedback/neurofeedback and heart rate variability biofeedback, as well as new chapters on surface electromyography, quantitative EEG, consumer products, cognitive-behavioral therapy, relaxation training, and anxiety disorders, asthma, work-related pain, traumatic brain injury, autism spectrum disorders, and substance use disorders.
Proposal for revised clinical and electroencephalographic classification of epileptic seizures.
From initial demonstrations of electroencephalography-based spelling and single-neuron-based device control, researchers have gone on to use electroencephalographic (EEG), intracortical, electrocorticographic, and other brain signals for increasingly complex control of cursors, robotic arms, prostheses, wheelchairs, and other devices.
Electroencephalographic measures of attentional patterns prior to the golf putt.
Tracking eye fixations with electroocular and electroencephalographic recordings.
The prevalence of electroencephalographic abnormalities and usefulness of electroencephalography in psychiatry.
Epileptology of the first-seizure presentation: a clinical, electroencephalographic, and magnetic resonance imaging study of 300 consecutive patients.
To be considered for admission to the NDSS program, applicants must hold a current registration as either a Registered Polysomnographic Technologist (RPSGT) or Registered Electroencephalographic Technologist (R.