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a graphical record of electrical activity of the brain

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Electroencephalogram Alterations During Perception of Pleasant and Unpleasant Odors.
Electroencephalogram discharges in atypical cognitive development.
Practical use of the raw electroencephalogram waveform during general anaesthesia: the art and the science.
This volume offers detailed examinations and explanations of biomedical signal processing, CI techniques and techniques specific to cardiology and heart disease diagnosis, electromyography and electroencephalogram analysis, future trends, and other related topics.
The psychologist's documentation of an organic cause of the neurocognitive impairment compared favorably to an abnormal finding on a computerized brain mapping electroencephalogram (EEG).
An electroencephalogram was normal; an MRI of the brain on day 3 after the initial metronidazole dose revealed a left parietal flare signal that was not seen on an MR/of the boy's brain taken 3 years earlier.
Used with a wristband weighing only 100g, the device can detect whether or not there is apnea, and if any, its intensity, without technical, all-night testing of electroencephalogram at hospital.
2005) stated that the polyneuropathy with axonal polyneuropathy was verified by serial electroencephalogram and nerve conduction velocity studies.
An electroencephalogram showed generalized slow waves, consistent with severe diffuse encephalopathy.
SeizAlert's early warning capability is obtained by advanced nonlinear statistical analysis of real-time multichannel scalp electroencephalogram (EEG) data.
The findings give researchers hope that "certain blood and electroencephalogram [EEG] tests might be able to identify children who are more likely to become alcoholics," science writer Steven Stocker told the World Future Society, Bethesda, Md.
By placing the electrodes of an electroencephalogram on the skull right above the cerebral cortex, one can record brain waves that reveal a range of levels of consciousness, from alertness (beta waves) to NREM sleep (delta waves).
An electroencephalogram (ih-LEK-troh-in-SE-fuh-luh-gram), which measures electrical activity in the brain, determined that the seizure was centered on her brain's left side.
Thus, the Harvard committee's new standards specified that, before the respirator could be turned off, four requirements had to be met: a flat electroencephalogram over a twenty-four-hour period; no response to external stimulation; no spontaneous breathing; and pupils fixed and dilated.
Robert Morris' Self-Portrait [EEG], 1963, an electroencephalogram of the artist that was equal in length to Morris' height)?