electrodermal response

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a change in the electrical properties of the skin in response to stress or anxiety

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In addition, electrodermal response amplitudes were expected to be enhanced with the presentation of target objects if these objects have particular significance for participants.
When we looked at whether symptoms preceded or followed the skin conductance reaction, we found that most symptoms occurred at the same time or followed rather than preceded electrodermal response.
Early research also established that increased blood flow and blood pressure are not direct causes of EDA insofar as electrodermal responses can be shown to diverge from both of these measures under certain conditions (Darrow, 1927).
The Ohmic perturbation duration: An original temporal index to quantify electrodermal response.
Such people register a low electrodermal response on the fingerplates of the polygraph; and what little response they register dissipates more slowly than is normal.
A battery of responses was collected, including skin temperature and electrodermal response (EDR) data at 7.
Dual-process theory (Groves & Thompson, 1970) does not explicitly provide mechanisms by which the ISI of a stimulus series may be encoded and therefore it would predict that omission of a stimulus which had been previously presented at a constant ISI should not result in the emission of an electrodermal response.
GSR - the established relation between electrodermal response, or skin resistance to electricity, is clearly associated with pleasant and unpleasant olfactory stimuli, affectivity sensitivity, and even to the discerning of truth (lie detection).
Amplificator Electrodermal Response Transducer Compatible with Computerized Acquisition and Signal Processing Biopac Physiological or Equivalent Type 1Pc.
Typical physiological and behavioral response differences in the GKT between probe and irrelevant objects consist of higher electrodermal response amplitudes, suppressed respiration, decelerated heart rate, reduced pulse amplitudes, and longer reaction times to probe objects (e.
This argument may be valid when considering non-brain measures such as heart rate, electromyographic response, or electrodermal response (see, for example, Cacioppo et al.
However, Ghoneim, Block & Fowles (1992) were unable to establish a conditioned electrodermal response during anaesthesia, despite using a paradigm which elicited conditioning in non-anaesthetized subjects.
Human electrodermal response to remote human monitoring: Classification and analysis of response characteristics.
The peak of the first electrodermal response (EDR) after each stimulus onset was chosen for evaluation, and its latency, rise time (rise t.
For pre-testing TV commercials, we think that SSPT brain-image research will be more informative and precise than EEG research (Rothschild and Hyun, 1990), modern electrodermal response (EDR) research (LaBarbera and Tucciarone, 1995), and electromyographic response (EMG) research (Hazlett and Hazlett, 1999).