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Synonyms for electrocution

execution by electricity

killing by electric shock

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Kolawole reiterated the company's commitment to offering efficient services to its customers and appealed that complaints on illegal electricity connections, low power supply and electricity surge, electrocution and fire outbreak be reported promptly for immediate intervention.
Police are still investigating her cause of death but told the paper that electrocution is believed to be her cause of death.
K-E CEO Tayyab Tareen had approached the SHC in September this year against the registration of an FIR on the orders of a district court against the power utility's management and CEO over the death of an eight-year-old boy, Azaan, via electrocution in the city's Model Colony area.
The call was reported as "a possible electrocution at Eason on O'Connell Street".
The retrofit is designed to reduce the risk of electrocution to birds.
com An Indian electrician has died from electrocution in Sinaw.
Mitigating electrocution risk focuses primarily on insulating energized equipment or increasing the separation between electrical components, but these approaches are not effective on some electric power pole configurations.
Two police officers will stand trial on Sunday at Tanta criminal court on charges of torturing a citizen by electrocution, media reported.
Abu Dhabi: A real estate company originally exonerated of culpability in the electrocution death of a woman in a shower is under fire in Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals to answer charges of faulty wiring of water heater which caused the showerhead to become dangerous.
Background: Owing to extensive use of electricity in home and industries, electrocution injuries are one of the common causes of morbidity and mortality in India.
Pakistani media sources reported that the death toll was mostly in Lahore city where houses collapsed and that some victims died because of incidental electrocution caused by flood waters.
Lethal injection is the primary execution method in all states that have capital punishment, but some states allow inmates the option of electrocution, hanging, firing squad or the gas chamber.
Two died from electrocution while the other one was struck by lightning, NDRRMC spokesman Major Rey Balido said at a press briefing.
CONSUMERS in Huddersfield buying chargers could run an increased risk of electrocution if they buy the wrong ones - trading standards officers claimed.
MSHA argued that the standard is designed to prevent both accidental movement of the machinery and electrocution.