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application of a needle heated by an electric current to destroy tissue (as to remove warts)

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In electrocautery circumcisions, the electrical current passes directly through the penile tissue, and if the preputium is cut by electrocautery after being clamped, there can be total phallic loss (grade V injuries) due to direct contact between the cautery and the clamp.
8,12,13) On the other hand, Leach et al performed electrocautery tonsillectomy on one side and cold dissection on the contralateral side in patients older than 13 years and reported that cold dissection required significantly less operative time (9.
However electrocautery is the most commonly applied technique for tonsillectomy world wide Monopolar diathermy entails using a monopolar cautery probe to thermally coagulate and dissect in the plane of tonsillar fossa and control hemorrhage at the same time by ablating the bleeders5,6.
Informed consent was taken from the patients mentioning that the skin would be incised with either scalpel or electrocautery.
Currently, monopolar and bipolar electrocautery are used for endoscopic management of bladder lesions.
Electrocautery plume is composed mostly of hydrocarbons, phenols, nitriles, and fatty acids, but most notably carbon monoxide, acrylonitrile, hydrogen cyanide, and benzene, which may have carcinogenic potential.
Multiple, pink coloured, nodular growths were excised by using surgical electrocautery (Fig.
The report provides value, in millions of US dollars, volume (in units) and average prices (in US dollars) within market segments - Electrosurgical RF Generators, Electrocautery Generators, Ultrasonic Generators and Argon Plasma Coagulation Generators.
At the tip of the robot is an electrocautery tool, which uses electricity to heat and ultimately destroy tumors, as well as a suction tube for removing debris.
A dermatologist can remove skin tags with electrocautery, which burns them off.
An ample amount of studies carried out on human and animal models have focused on tissue damages related to surgeries using ultrasonic scalpel, bipolar electrocautery, and unipolar electrocautery [2-4].
The aim of this prospective randomized study is to determine how the endothelial wall and blood flow of RA are differently affected with the usages of ultrasonic scalpel and conventional electrocautery in addition to effects of hypothermia and storage solutions.
1 times the overall rate of hemorrhage in bipolar diathermy tonsillectomy as compared to cold steel, and add to the growing body of evidence in favor of partial techniques over traditional complete techniques, as well as the concurrent use of both sharp instruments and electrocautery as opposed to electrocautery alone," Dr.
In addition, the researchers investigated generalizability of preoperative warm-up by following it with a different task, electrocautery simulation.