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medical instrument that records electric currents associated with contractions of the heart

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We electrocardiographically observed QT parameters and their association with serum ferritin levels.
These arrhythmias were electrocardiographically characterized by deformed deflections with rapid and irregular heart rate in chaotic manner without recognition of 'P' wave.
Ventricular overload is electrocardiographically characterized by ST segment alterations, which usually elevate or undulate in the middle part; this overload is often accompanied by ventricular hypertrophy, since a ventricle fighting against resistance hypertrophies in an attempt to redress.
Electrocardiographically, it is characterized by accentuated J wave primarily in leads V1 through V3 with ST-segment elevation, often followed by a negative T-wave and an R prime which is unrelated to ischemia, electrolyte disturbances, or obvious structural heart disease [76,77,78].
Deep vein thrombosis using noncontrast-enhanced MR venography with electrocardiographically gated three-dimensional half-fourier FSE: Preliminary experience.
Electrocardiographically, a relationship between ASD and incomplete right bundle branch block has been noted for more than 50 years.
Heart rate was monitored electrocardiographically throughout the test (ZAN ECG 800, Messgerate, Germany).
Reed NE, Teteris NJ, Essig GE Inferior vena caval obstruction syndrome with electrocardiographically documented fetal bradycardia.
Hayakawa et al (4) obtained electrocardiographically [ECG] gated multi-section helical CT images of 23 patients with ruptured intracranial aneurysms.
Electrocardiographically gated multidetector CT can assess the brain, cerebral vessels, and carotid arteries as well as the heart simultaneously and expedite diagnosis, he said.