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diagnostic procedure consisting of recording the activity of the heart electronically with a cardiograph (and producing a cardiogram)

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The electrocardiographic manifestations of Brugada syndrome have been divided into 2 subgroups.
In this patient with palpitations suggesting a tachyarrhythmia followed by trauma-producing syncope, an electrocardiographic pattern of the Brugada syndrome, and accentuation of the pattern by procainamide, the decision to implant an automatic cardioverter defibrillator transvenously was a relatively easy one.
Characteristic electrocardiographic pattern indicating a critical stenosis high in left anterior descending coronary artery in patients admitted because of impending myocardial infarction.
III] pattern described 70 years ago by McGinn and White, the first account of electrocardiographic changes in pulmonary embolism (5).
eRT), , a leading provider of centralized electrocardiographic (ECG) collection and interpretation services, announced today that it will release its 2005 fourth quarter and year end results for the period ended December 31, 2005 on Wednesday, February 8, 2006 after the market closes.
The ST segment is the portion of the electrocardiographic tracing that can indicate myocardial ischemia, or less-than-normal blood flow to the heart.
Drakulic, Signalife's Chief Technology Officer, stated: "At the company's inception we carefully assessed the field of electrocardiography and electrocardiographic devices.
The Company's products also include proprietary signal-averaging electrocardiographic (SAECG) software used in the detection of potentially lethal heart arrhythmias.
In the multiple analyses generated from the GUSTO-IIB trial, (12) troponin T was found to be the strongest predictor of 30-day mortality, followed by electrocardiographic changes and CK-MB elevation.
The Johns Hopkins team evaluated a small number of short-lived inbred mice for two indicators of homeostatic capacity: deep-body temperature and electrocardiographic heart rate.
Sepsis-induced hypothermia can have similar electrocardiographic manifestations as accidental hypothermia.
eRT), (NASDAQ:ERES), Philadelphia, a provider of centralized electrocardiographic (ECG) collection and interpretation services, has received an agreement for approximately $1.