electrical system

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utility that provides electricity

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equipment in a motor vehicle that provides electricity to start the engine and ignite the fuel and operate the lights and windshield wiper and heater and air conditioner and radio

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The Capital toolset is a powerful electrical systems software environment spanning vehicle architecture, systems design and integration, service documentation creation, and wire harness manufacturing tools.
Nakano said that they will first look at the battery, but before that they have to check if the battery was the only problem or there's an entire electrical system issue.
Millroad Champ, who suffered a first-round exit from the feature event, returned to complete the Pruhs double in the first HV Power Electrical Systems Standard.
The utility prides itself on offering extremely reliable electric service to our customers, and will continue to take the necessary steps to improve the reliability and redundancy of our electrical system so we can meet customer needs as they continue to evolve.
As Sullivan was developing the dash, many of the electrical systems installed on company vehicles in the mine were nearing the end of their usable life.
Sizzling or buzzing sounds emanating from the electrical system
The last time electrical systems experienced such a major change was in the 1950s, when six-volt systems were replaced with 14-volt.
The 5-section Electrical Systems for Mobile Equipment video and workbook is a self-paced video and workbook course designed to teach electrical system fundamentals tar mobile equipment service and repair.
Of particular interest was the issue of whether 75% of the cost of the building's electrical system was tangible personal property.
But consider that electrical system failures are the most common type of equipment breakdown, second only to heating and cooling system failures.
Walle: "The doors, the heating/air conditioning system and the electrical system are your three areas of greatest concern in terms of use and longevity.
Productivity shortfalls in electric arc melting commonly are blamed on the electrical system.
Yurek added that over the course of "only 18 months, we have received five substantial electrical system orders from Sinovel worth nearly $50 million.
Also, though 42-volt electrical systems were designed to handle the load of just such a valve train, Schwyn says Valeo has eliminated the need by packaging an efficient OC-to-DC converter that takes the 14-volts produced by a vehicle's electrical system and steps it up to 42 volts.
We have tried to keep our house in good condition by checking on things such as the roof and the electrical system," says Cora.