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using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity


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2] stunning with manual electrical stunning (50Hz) of pigs on carcass and meat quality.
Assessment of electrical stunning in fresh water of African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) and chilling in ice water for loss of consciousness and sensibility.
Therefore, given the importance of this species for aquaculture production in Brazil, the present study evaluated the effect of electrical stunning parameters on fish behavior and meat quality.
Some welfare concerns have been raised about electrical stunning.
The man, who had cut his estranged wife on her hand before deputies arrived, was hit with a Taser electrical stunning device, but he continued to approach deputies with the knife raised, telling them they'd have to kill him, so they fired, officials said.
It shows the correct use of the captive bolt - and essential maintenance to ensure trouble-free killing - and ways of disposing of poultry, by methods like electrical stunning and killing, and use of the purpose-made Cash poultry killer.
In February senior officers attended a demonstration of various ``less lethal options'' which included a multiround baton launcher, foam-tip baton rounds, an electrical stunning device and a bean-bag round.
It also replaces the industry standard practice of electrical stunning of chickens.
Three people were on the stunning floor, whereby two held the sheep still, while the third one performed electrical stunning (650 V for 60 s) on the sheep.
The alternative method, less often employed, is electrical stunning whereby a strong voltage electro-convulsively shocks the animal, but again does not kill it.
A previous study in cattle reported a significantly higher muscle pH at 15 min post-mortem in the animals subjected to percussive stunning (non-penetrative) than the animals subjected to either electrical stunning or no stunning (Onenc and Kaya, 2004).
Troeger (2004) suggested that to avoid dissemination of the CNST to carcass and meat at slaughtering, (i) electrical stunning (ii) cutting without opening the vertebral channel (iii) head remaining on the carcass may be considered practically to exclude a contamination risk.
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