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using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity


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2] stunning system than when electrical stunning is used, irrespective of the type of electrode applied, stun duration or level of current used (Velarde et al.
The alternative method, less often employed, is electrical stunning whereby a strong voltage electro-convulsively shocks the animal, but again does not kill it.
Three people were on the stunning floor, whereby two held the sheep still, while the third one performed electrical stunning (650 V for 60 s) on the sheep.
A previous study in cattle reported a significantly higher muscle pH at 15 min post-mortem in the animals subjected to percussive stunning (non-penetrative) than the animals subjected to either electrical stunning or no stunning (Onenc and Kaya, 2004).
Troeger (2004) suggested that to avoid dissemination of the CNST to carcass and meat at slaughtering, (i) electrical stunning (ii) cutting without opening the vertebral channel (iii) head remaining on the carcass may be considered practically to exclude a contamination risk.
Modern poultry slaughter involves being removed from transportation crates, then chickens are shackled upside down on a moving line through an electrical stunning water bath to automatic neck cutters before being plunged into a scalding water tank.
Long delays between electrical stunning and the knifing which kills the animals means that millions more recover consciousness while bleeding to death.
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