electrical storm

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a storm resulting from strong rising air currents

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Of the patients in the placebo arm, 27% had at least one episode of electrical storm during the first year after ICD placement, compared with 23% of patients on 75 mg/day of azimilide and 20% of those on 125 mg/day.
Locals said if he had not been wearing his rubber-soled boots he would have been killed instantly by the lightning which came during a violent electrical storm.
The second big electrical storm in a week covered a huge stretch of the west coast of Britain, from Cornwall to Fort William.
Some 20,000 golf fans ran for safety in an electrical storm at Loch Lomond.
The ex-BA captain was flying from to Australia 28 years ago when the he was struck by an electrical storm above the Java Sea.
Groove-meister Lenny Beige brings The World of Beige to the Comedy Festival - complete with fake tan, sovereign rings, and enough man-made fibres to spark an electrical storm.
The ex-BA captain was flying to Australia in 1982 when it was hit by an electrical storm.
SPECTACULAR bolts of lightning crash to earth as a powerful electrical storm illuminates the sky above an oil refinery.
The device is held against the back of your head where it can trigger an electric current in the brain preventing the electrical storm that underlies the migraine.
RED HOT Lava spews from the Calbuco volcano in Chile during an electrical storm.
THESE incredible pictures show the moment Birmingham was hit by an "end of the world" electrical storm.
An approaching electrical storm brought an early close after Gauteng had stumbled to 120-8 in 42.
Trott left his bowlers a scheduled 56 overs to see off their inexperienced hosts, and the Lions were on track until an approaching electrical storm brought a tactical retreat and early close after Gauteng had stumbled to 120-8 in 42 overs.
Leyton Orient's friendly at Dartford was called off in the 87th minute last night after this huge lightning strike nearby LONDON Capital's skyline is lit up during overnight barrage NEWQUAY EWQUA U Y A Dramatic electrical storm over the Cornish coast
Due to the electrical storm, entire sections of Varna have no electricity, landlines and cell phones in certain areas are out of order.
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