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Cataracts can develop in approximately 6% of patients who have sustained an electrical injury, and therefore they should be suspected whenever an electrical shock has occurred in the vicinity of the head.
While safety standards typically address a minimum level of safety, a product that is Listed by an NRTL is often considered to be free of risks such as fire or electrical shock.
Besides the two children, other settlement recipients are Raul's mother, Maria Isabel Duran, who also suffered electrical shock and had to be revived; his brother Carlos Hernandez Jr.
These results confirm that AMSA represents an excellent predictor of success of an electrical shock attempt, independently from the defibrillatory energies and waveforms utilised.
If there is damage to the bunk light such that there is a potential of electrical shock or fire hazard that cannot be corrected immediately, follow the requirements of NSTM 300 paragraph 300-2.
Furthermore, BPA-treated offspring significantly increased the number of failures to avoid electrical unconditioned stimuli within 5-sec electrical shock presentation compared with the control offspring.
They used electrical shock on my body and my genitals, and they hanged me by my hands and were hitting me almost all night long.
If needed, it will tell you to press a button that will send an electrical shock into the heart.
Kodak is recalling 75,000 DC5000 digital cameras which, due to a manufacturing fault, can give users an electrical shock.
UL) warns consumers that extension cords manufactured by Columbia Wire & Cable of New York, may present an electrical shock.
The wife told paramedics she suffered an electrical shock while in the water.
Fanselow and Kim trained 22 rats to associate being in a specific type of box while hearing a given tone with receiving a small electrical shock to their feet.
If the rhythm suddenly goes into overdrive, the device fires off a small electrical shock that travels along the wire leads to the heart.
Zoll pioneered the use of electrical shock to stimulate the human heart in cardiac arrest.
Among them was a young former patient of the burn center who lost an arm because of a severe electrical shock.
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