electrical resistance

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a material's opposition to the flow of electric current

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The electrical resistance of via holes with such thin barrier films is sufficiently low to realize such structures in high-speed microprocessor chips expected to come to production by the middle of next decade.
Increasing the coverage area of nanowires, for example, always decreases the overall electrical resistance, but it also decreases optical transparency; as more and more nanowires are piled on the networks appear gray, rather than transparent.
The thermometer was deemed unavailable for use when it showed an abnormally high electrical resistance level following a sudden increase of temperatures to 60 C on Saturday morning, leaving only one temperature measurement device working properly at the bottom of the reactor vessel, the utility said.
The automaker is recalling both models to have a stop lamp switch replaced due to a misapplication of grease during vehicle assembly that could potentially cause increased electrical resistance within the switch.
German scientist who gave his name to the unit of electrical resistance.
SPA) will start volume production of carbon-coated aluminum foils that reduce electrical resistance of lithium-ion battery (LIB) electrodes.
The effect of copper naphthenate treatment on electrical resistance of Douglas-fir utility poles was compared with similar poles either left untreated or treated with pentachlorophenol (penta).
Considers increasing electrical resistance at higher operating temperatures.
The e-nose used an array of 32 sensors whose electrical resistance changes as different VOCs are detected.
With electrical resistance of tip to 1012 ohm, these foils are tailored to the requirements of manufacturers of home electronics.
Using the principle of resistive method and considering the contacts between balls and bearing races, as a consequence of their separation through the lubricant film, realizing electrical resistances when the flow passes from a level to another, the electrical resistance of a contact varies exponentially with the thickness of the film:
Dr Ed Tarte, a researcher in superconductivity, delivers an introduction to electrical resistance, superconductivity, electromagnets and magnetic fields, as well as discovering magnetic levitation and electric currents that are generated by the body.
On the other hand, compared with silicon crystals, polymers have an irregular structure that increases electrical resistance and limits efficiency (SN: 5/26/07, p.
Patented is an oxidation-resistant, microporous polyolefin web with high-strength mechanical and low electrical resistance properties.
2 to 16 ml parts by volume of ultra pure water having an electrical resistance of 16 26 megohms, total dissolved solids of less than 0.
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