electrical relay

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electrical device such that current flowing through it in one circuit can switch on and off a current in a second circuit

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However, the manual system is no longer adequate for modern electric power system with much larger number of power plants, and electrical relay stations.
Units utilize standard electrical relay controls and JIC ma-chine-tool components.
Metal enclosed self supporting Electrical Relay and Control Panel construction for indoor installations and basic material requirements for an open back, rack type front pane
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning Of Microprocessor Based Three Phase Relay Testing Kit with Software And other Accessories for Electrical Relay Testing Lab At Yeramarus Thermal Power Station
Eesti and Balti power electrical appliances, electrical relay protection and automation equipment and measuring instruments for electrical maintenance and repairs carrying out a period 1.
brief description Auvere mE[acute accent]E[acute accent]teautomaatika heat and power plant equipment, electrical appliances, electrical relay protection and automation equipment and technical maintenance of electrical measuring instruments for the period from the execution of 1.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance Of LT HT Circuit Breakers PHT Moderator Motor Bearing Oil Topping Oil Replacement Greasing Of HT LT Motors Cleaning Of Motors Electrical Relay Panels And Manning The EM Document Cell
MFC Spares will now expand its existing portfolio of 4-wheeler spares to include a comprehensive list of fast-moving 2-wheeler spares like filters, horns, oil and electrical relays, among others.
Due to their dielectric properties, they can be used as electroactive polymers in intelligent sensors, artificial muscles, energy-saving electrical relays and valves, and in the generation of electricity.
Potential applications range from toys, electrical relays and electrically operated valves, to artificial limbs and peristaltic pumps.
The mighty sound of the four-manual organ is produced by mechanical means, using electrical relays to drive compressed air through ranks of full size pipes and instruments in a large chamber below the stage.
5 MW generators, an upgrade to the electrical relays and breakers, and the conversion from the use of light fuel to heavier, cheaper fuels, were formally approved," said Carty.
By adding a new multifunction protection device for medium and large standard MV asynchronous motors, ABB LTD has expanded its range of electrical relays.
Non-automotive uses include electrical relays, fuse cases, bobbins, pump casings, impellers, machine guards, and fixtures for lighting, plumbing, and doors.
This activates electrical relays that temporarily close the greenhouse's exhaust fans, motorized windows, and vents.
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