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utility that provides electricity

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We've also had an order from an international manufacturing company for an 11,000 volt switchgear panel to extend an existing switchboard in Lagos, Nigeria, and secured an order worth more than pounds 50,000 for the supply and delivery of high voltage electrical plant.
Rugby-based electrical plant specialist GEC Alsthom is in a two-way tussle to land a pounds 500 million order to re-equip the West Coast main line.
Navy prime ship yards, DRS is providing electrical plant equipment design and production activity for the CVN-78 carrier program, the Littoral Combat Ship and the Navy's new next-generation DDG-1000 destroyer programs.
The Ministry of Electricity will hold an international bid in the coming days for the construction rights to the Dairut Electrical plant in the Beheira governorate.
Announcement of competition: The performance of the internal control of the electrical plant and equipment comprises a total of approximately
The project is designed so that the solar modules simultaneously function as the actual roof for a semi-open glasshouse and as an electrical plant that will provide electricity directly to the local grid.
2 Design, specify, procure, install and maintain the necessary electrical plant required for the provision of the temporary power supplies at the five Thames construction sites from the EHV connection point to the appropriate point of supply on the construction site in accordance with all relevant standards.
CAIRO: Minister of Electricity and Energy Hassan Younes inaugurated a 10-megavolt electrical plant in northwestern Egypt in a ceremony Thursday, Egypt's State Information Service reported.
Blue Star's process combines a gas-fired electrical plant with a chemical synthesis reactor to generate electrical power, clean liquid fuels and potable water.
The service comprises product-based solutions including turnkey project management, electrical plant monitoring and control, preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, testing, consulting, advisory support, power system studies, failure/root cause analysis, reliability analysis, power quality analysis, harmonic analysis, start-up and commissioning, acceptance testing, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment servicing, system metering and control, and motor and programmable logic controller troubleshooting.
Electrical Plant and equipment must be adapted to installations for electricity in the construction of CRS ~Ukiel area A Street.
The menu should encompass everything from ensuring high quality service to industrial customers to running or even owning their electrical plant, from providing sophisticated demand-side management services to helping the customer find better-priced electricity elsewhere.
Under separately awarded contracts from Northrop Grumman Ship Systems and Newport News Shipbuilding, DRS is providing electrical plant equipment design work for the CVN-78 and the Navy's new next-generation DD(X) destroyer programs.
Boards of electrical plant room, remodeling, replacement and connection.
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