electrical disturbance

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electrical signals produced by unwanted sources (atmospherics or receiver noise or unwanted transmitters)

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voltages: all other electrical disturbances are freely conducted to ground, such as:
A $500,000 aggregate limit encompasses extensions of coverage to accounts receivable, extra expense, personal effects and property of others, valuable papers, and electrical disturbance or mechanical breakdown of electrical data processing equipment.
Atrial fibrillation (AF) is an electrical disturbance of the heart that affects more than 2 million Americans and accounts for one-third of strokes in people ages 65 and over.
For millions of people who present each year with suspected arrhythmia, this may prove to be the new standard for capturing the culprit heart rhythm electrical disturbance, most commonly atrial fibrillation which carries a significant risk of stroke," he said.
In order to avoid being automotively stranded by some sort of major, Earth-wide electrical disturbance, you need to go back to before computers and before electronic ignition.
This latest study found, for the first time, that identifying this type of electrical disturbance could help prevent Sads in people suffering from a range of different diseases where the heart may seem otherwise normal in routine tests.
Patterns of mild electrical disturbance in the brains of epilepsy patients seem to foreshadow a seizure hours before its onset, reports a group of neurobiologists and electrical engineers.
When an electrical disturbance, such as arcing, tracking or corona occurs, the electricity ionizes air molecules, which produces a distinct high-frequency sound.
Usually caused by an electrical disturbance in the heart known as ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrest strikes more than 350,000 Americans each year, killing the majority.
Radius Power partcularises in electromagnetic-interference filters, which are electronic devices utilized to inhibit what s considered undesirable electrical disturbance, whereas Astrodyne, Mansfield, Mass.
In 1993, a European Space Agency satellite spun out of control due to an electrical disturbance generated by the impact of a particle from the Perseid meteor shower (SN: 10/2/93, p.
The system will provide power protection to the facility's mission critical production lines, which are sensitive to micro outages, an electrical disturbance only lasting a few seconds.
In either of these types, the electrical disturbance may spread to affect the whole brain, causing a generalised seizure.
Over the years, the bruise turned into a scar and, 25 years later, that scar caused the electrical disturbance that caused his fit and altered his life forever.
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