electrical discharge

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Table 16: US 14-Year Perspective for Electrical Discharge
This can be done by altering the current shape of the electrical discharge to match cutting requirements.
Electrical discharge machining in the moulds industry (die-casting, pressing, injection etc).
Dr Ian Schofield, a consultant neurophysiologist with expertise in how electric currents affect the nervous system, said even if an electrical discharge went through Moat, it would not have made him act involuntarily.
The electrochemical discharge machining (ECDM) is one of the hybrid machining methods based on the anodic dissolution of the workpiece material and on the erosive effects of the electrical discharges that occur between the electrode tool and the workpiece surface (Strabalak et al.
LA CRESCENTA -- An electrical discharge severely burned a Southern California Edison maintenance contractor Wednesday and disrupted power for more than 2,100 customers, officials said.
Electrical discharge equipment manufacturer Sodick Hightech made its debut on the Osaka Securities Exchange's Hercules market Wednesday, for the last initial public offering of this year.
Superior low-temperature electrical discharge performance.
Toyota said in its report to the ministry that it will recall the Estima L and Estima T passenger vehicles made between December 1999 and December 2000 for fear of electrical discharge due to burnout of the coils that could damage other parts.
For those unfamiliar with the process, electrical discharge machining (EDM) is used mainly for producing dies, molds and certain metal parts, employing a two-electrode system separated by a dielectric medium.
With cationic electrodeposition, the defects are caused by a different mechanism that involves electrical discharge followed by hydrogen evolution and water vaporization.
has announced its new model DB 300 CNC Die-Sinker Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM).
Their find, called a "gigantic jet," is, like all forms of lightning, an electrical discharge (release of electric energy).
Wire and Ram Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) allow custom collet shapes and steppedholes.
The new Spark Ablation Sampling System has a flexible, digitally-controlled spark source that creates a unipolar electrical discharge between the sample and an electrode in the instrument's spark stand, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination from the electrode.
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