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Visitors to his home are told not to bring in electrical devices, even if they are switched off.
check the electrical device with an electrical meter to confirm that energy is off before working on it.
Once the unit is attached to an electrical device, allowing it to become GPRS enabled, an almost constant connection is created with a host computer, removing the need to visit the device in the field to collect data.
Wireless voice and data applications technology provider Wavecom SA (Nasdaq: WVCM) has entered into a licensing agreement with TCL Mobile Communications Co Ltd, an electrical device producer.
but only a Qualified Person can lockout/tagout any electrical device.
One dead fish was floating on the water and the victim is concerned that the thieves used an electrical device to shock the fish to the surface before scooping them out.
In addition, the VIISta 810 HP provides precise total incident angle and dosimetry control to enable tighter distribution of electrical device parameters and a 50% reduction in contamination to enhance device yields.
Electrical device manufacturer Cutler-Hammer figured that where ground fault, or GFCI protection is also required, it made sense to combine the two types of protection in one device.
Just as a neutron bomb can kill enemy soldiers with minimal damage to surrounding structures, the latest weapon technology -- the electromagnetic bomb -- can "kill" every electrical device within its blast radius while leaving both people and buildings untouched.
THE result of the Grade 2 Arkansas Derby is under investigation in America following the suggestion that an electrical device may have been used to encourage the winner Valhol, writes Dan Farley.
based on very limited ranges of movement and employing, in most cases, a single electrical device, these pieces are like bizarre, irrationally productive encounters between early Bruce Nauman or Chris Burden works and glam rock: concentratedly minimal and raunchily excessive in one go.
During a simple operation, this electrical device is placed under the skin.
A Purdue University study of dogs witH spinal injuries shows that implanting an electrical device near the injury may promote nerve growth and help restore some bodily functions, including walking.
It's great for running a portable DVD player or video games when taking trips with the kids, or recharging a laptop on the way home from work--or using just about any other electrical device.
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