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converter that converts alternating current into direct current or vice versa

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It is designed to work side-by-side with our electrical converter to produce usable AC power directly for immediate consumption, delivery to an electrical grid, or stored for later use.
In layman's terms, the dynamic electrical converter system receives the variable voltage collected by the Harmony III airborne unit from static electricity in the atmosphere, and converts it into a usable electrical configuration.
Contract Awarded for Supply electrical converters to one of three politically controversial planned power lines linking Germany's industrial south with northern windfarms.
The first consignment for the hospital was delivered last month and some of the latest supplies, such as electrical converters and other power items, supplement the anesthesia equipment transported in December.
The Ministry will also coordinate with those in charge of the electricity companies and specialists from the Public Authority of Electricity and Water to assure the safety of electrical converters from the environmental aspect, in addition to, implementing diving campaigns to assure the safety of marine environment particularly coral reef in the Dimaniyat islands, Al Fahl Port and Barr Al Jissah to assess the hazards in such places so as to take appropriate procedures to rehabilitate them to the natural status
LM Wind Power will supply the blades from their Gaspe plant; towers will be produced at Marmen s Matane plant; and SEG Woodward will assemble the electrical converters in New Richmond.
At Western Apron, Cavotec will provide electrical power supply units which will feature hatch pit units, and numerous electrical converters and sockets.
Some of the supplies, such as electrical converters and other power items, supplement the anesthesia equipment transported in December.
Competitive-based SCSI extenders are primarily electrical converters, but the 9065 SPX uses industry -leading extension technology to guarantee the very fast data transfer rates needed to support the very high transfer rates necessary for critical data center applications," said Gerrity.
Parallax manufactures a broad range of industrial electronic components including capacitors, toroidal transformers and AC/DC electrical converters.
There, he was responsible for the development of the 1-Gbaud Fibre Channel HUB1063, MIM1063G series media interface modules, and the OE1063 and CE1063 optical and electrical converters.
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