electrical contact

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contact that allows current to pass from one conductor to another

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One type of electrical contact material, clad material, uses a different high electrical conductivity contact metal bonded only to the points of contact on a comparatively inexpensive base metal.
Due to a growing interest in the various uses of electrical contacts within the automotive industry, ASTM International has developed a proposed new standard, ASTM WK34423, Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Palladium-Cobalt Alloy for Engineering Use.
While gold price remains high, electrical contact manufacturers are focusing on palladium plating solutions with greater hardness and corrosion resistance at lower cost as a substitute for gold plating solutions.
AMI Doduco designs and manufactures electrical contact materials, parts and assemblies in its production sites in Germany, Spain, China and Mexico.
Compared with patients who sustained electrical flash injuries, those who sustained electrical contact injuries were younger (a mean of 34 years vs.
In addition, MEC BETRAS has a significant business in electrical contact rivets, which we have identified as a strategic growth opportunity within the overall metal fabrication markets," Rafferty said.
announced today that it will partner with local distributor ETIC to bring its Canted Coil Spring[TM] electrical contact to an audience of engineers and industry professionals at the 8(th) International Exhibition on Electrical Power Equipment and Technology.
Looking through a microscope, researchers find each nanotube and delicately bring it in line with an electrical contact.
Volume 27 covers brittle fracture, molecular detailed simulations of lipid bilayers, semiclassical bohmian dynamics, dissipative particle dynamics, trajectory-based rare event simulations, and understanding metal/metal electrical contact conductance from the atomic to continuum scales.
The SWGK does not work well where the topsoil layer is very loose since it relies upon compression between the stakes, earth and cable to maintain electrical contact.
NYSE:TNL) announced today that the company has sold the North American operations of AMI Doduco, its electrical contact products business, to Metalor Technologies International SA.
In PS 525 (Aug 96), we pointed out that electrical contact cleaner is also a good way to handle dirty cable adapters.
Random alignment of the samples' crystalline grains, poor electrical contact between these grains and meandering regions of resistance-creating magnetic flux have frustrated attempts.
NYSE: TNL) announced today that the company has entered into a definitive agreement with Metalor Technologies International SA to sell the North American operations of AMI Doduco, its electrical contact products business.
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