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But at very low temperature region, the electrical conduction process is mainly governed by the hopping/tunneling of electrons from one conducting particle site to another.
Bisphenol A exposure and cardiac electrical conduction in excised rat hearts.
Only a few studies have examined BPA's adverse cardiac effects and none have described the adverse effects of BPA on electrical conduction within intact hearts.
The counter ions move along the clay-water interface under the influence of the applied electrical field (Revil and Glover 1997) and result in electrical conduction.
An electrical conduction issue in the affected vehicles may cause the engine stall and mean it cannot be restarted, Nissan said yesterday, adding that it is not aware of any accidents or injuries in the UAE.
It must also provide a route for electrons to leave and enter a nanotube's path; and it must be able to propagate electrical conduction from nanotube to nanotube.
International contributors to 17 chapters provide a state-of-the art review of biological aspects of CVD relating to the major imaging modalities, and a review of imaging data from clinical research that have provided insights into atherosclerosis progression, myocardial function, and electrical conduction within the heart.
Electrocardiograms (to evaluate the electrical conduction of the heart) and echocardiograms (to evaluate the structure of the heart) were performed on all 1,525 children.
Major parameters identified to contribute significantly to the high electrical conduction of the PKOC are carbon, moisture content and low acidity level.
Foamed coal is useful for heat transfer, electrical conduction, and fluid transfer.
When there is a deficiency of potassium, a disturbance in electrical conduction occurs, which leads to many symptoms including muscle weakness, fatigue, mental confusion, heart rhythm disturbances and problems with nerve conduction.
However, in spite of the "rich" network of Purkinje fibres, various disturbances of electrical conduction including ventricular extrasystoles are observed in avian hearts (6-8).
One reason why ranolazine is not a first-line treatment is because it can affect the electrical conduction of the heart and prolong what's known as the QT interval, which may precipitate a dangerous heart rhythm.
com - as an educational resource, and my lecture is based around the On your Mettle module on electrical conduction," he said.