electrical conduction

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So DC electrical conduction mechanism from the dependence of J on V at different temperatures for different thicknesses of PPDEAEMA thin films has been elucidated.
The mechanisms underlying BPA's effect on cardiac electrical conduction are unknown.
The fabrics have fantastic electrical conduction and antibacterial activity and it has been confirmed that they are non-toxic.
Only a few studies have examined BPA's adverse cardiac effects and none have described the adverse effects of BPA on electrical conduction within intact hearts.
0 ton pure Gypsum Table 2: Calculated regression coefficient for electrical conduction and sodium for eleven experimental models.
Consequently, continuous pathways for electrical current develop, giving rise to electrical conduction.
An electrical conduction issue in the affected vehicles may cause the engine stall and mean it cannot be restarted, Nissan said yesterday, adding that it is not aware of any accidents or injuries in the UAE.
International contributors to 17 chapters provide a state-of-the art review of biological aspects of CVD relating to the major imaging modalities, and a review of imaging data from clinical research that have provided insights into atherosclerosis progression, myocardial function, and electrical conduction within the heart.
Major parameters identified to contribute significantly to the high electrical conduction of the PKOC are carbon, moisture content and low acidity level.
Foamed coal is useful for heat transfer, electrical conduction, and fluid transfer.
When there is a deficiency of potassium, a disturbance in electrical conduction occurs, which leads to many symptoms including muscle weakness, fatigue, mental confusion, heart rhythm disturbances and problems with nerve conduction.
com - as an educational resource, and my lecture is based around the On your Mettle module on electrical conduction," he said.
When the electrical conduction on nerve pathways is impeded by bony structures, soft tissue inflammation, dehydration, chemical imbalances, toxicity and/or emotional traumas, the flow of CSF is altered.
Cardiac arrhythmias are usually caused by abnormalities in, or disruptions to, the heart's electrical conduction system, or by hereditary heart defects.
It is thought that 3,000 people a year die suddenly and prematurely as the result of cardiac arrhythmia in Wales - half of all cardiac deaths are due to arrhythmia which is caused by an abnormality or disruption to the heart's electrical conduction.