electrical circuit

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The biggest advantage is that every student can design own electrical circuit and test the circuit not only in computer simulation.
We used a fire extinguisher and placed yellow and black powder in it before we connected it to an electrical circuit and a mobile phone.
Pulse's Quattro quad-port and Dos dual-port modules provide electrical circuit isolation to safeguard against electrical shock and reduce noise and electromagnetic interference to maintain signal integrity.
Day one of the Meteor Electrical Circuit of Ireland International Rally will consist of the Spectator Super Special at St Angelo and four closed road stages in the Derrygonnelly / Rossinver / Ballyshannon area, which will be run once before the crews tackle the Super Special again.
These reeds establish contact when brought into proximity with a magnetic field, thereby completing an electrical circuit.
Circuit Breaker: A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch, which is designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit.
Some of the automatic switches on the electrical circuit were shown pointing the wrong way on master plans.
At the end of the ``mission,'' an electrical circuit was programmed to turn on, burn a wire and drop the container of lead shot, so the instrument would bob to the surface.
infringement claim on an electrical circuit alleged to be used in the
A smoldering fire or overloaded electrical circuit creates heat, which causes surrounding materials to expand.
Do not connect a generator to an electrical circuit in your home that feeds exposed or damaged wiring.
The protons cross the membrane and react with oxygen and electrons from the cathode, and this drives the electrons left at the anode around an electrical circuit to the cathode.
By repeatedly pressing a key to complete an electrical circuit, a telegraph operator can generate a string of electrical pulses to convey a message.
This key feature of the Altairnano NanoSafe battery means that it is well suited for hostile environments where physical movement, corrosion, high and/or low temperature extremes, electrical circuit complexity could cause shorting or battery malfunction resulting in thermal runaway of traditional lithium ion batteries.
Because the network switches also can deliver power through the standard Ethernet infrastructure, the need to connect each IP phone or wireless LAN access point to a separate electrical circuit and install additional AC power outlets is eliminated.
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