electrical capacity

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an electrical phenomenon whereby an electric charge is stored

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E-J Electric Installation Company, a company active in all facets of electric contracting, is in the process of expanding the Bayonne Energy Center's electrical capacity.
The multi-shaft combined cycle power plant will provide an electrical capacity of over 900 MW.
There is no production tax credit for these electrical capacity units.
Increasing & developing the electrical capacity at the Club's main premises.
For years, new installed electrical capacity has been concentrated in the centre of the country, near a pipeline running out of the Camisea natural gas field.
Mapalad Power technicians and contractor teams have been working long hours to make certain that the ongoing ramp-up will result in the availability of initial electrical capacity by the week of May 6 and achieve full 98 MW capacity by September," the company said.
To meet the critical requirement for HVAC, lab planners should assure sufficient electrical capacity to power the type and size of HVAC units that will be used.
Previously a full-service restaurant, the retail space at 31 Penn Plaza boasts high ceilings, gas, abundant electrical capacity and basement storage.
Khamis said that the peak demand on electrical capacity in Syria surpassed 9,000 megawatt-hours in 2011, adding that the annual power-generation in Syria reached 50 billion kilowatt-hours.
This report on electrical capacity infrastructure development from The World Bank assesses recent innovations in electrical contracting processes, employed successfully by several Central and South American countries, and attempts to provide broad outlines and best practices for member states interested in implementing an auction system for electrical project bidding.
Wartsila already has a presence in the DR with 900 MW of installed generating capacity, representing around half of the country's electrical capacity.
However, Ethiopia insists that the dam will benefit the countries downstream with a better regulated water flow, increase the electrical capacity of the region and lower water-loss due to evaporation.
He said the plant has an electrical capacity of 1000MW, equivalent to 1.
Qatar now has a surfeit of some 2,500 MW of electrical capacity as a result of an intense power infrastructure development programme
The turnkey combined cycle power plant, which will have an installed electrical capacity of 1,600 MW, will be built together with Siemens' Korean partner Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co, approximately 260 km west of Abu Dhabi city.