electrical cable

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a cable that provides an electrical connection for telephone or television or power stations

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Tender notice number : SSST ELECTRICAL CABLE WORK ID:2015_SAI_77194_1
It is understood the kids had a pair of bolt cutters and tried to cut thick black electrical cable sticking up from the floor not realising it was still live.
She had been strangled with an electrical cable and a post-mortem revealed bruising to her jaw, chest and upper arms, indicating she was involved in a struggle.
At noon, Wednesday October 1st, a Palestinian man accused of repairing the electrical cable destroyed by settlers and Israeli soldiers was arrested by Israeli forces in Khirbet Al-Tawil.
My friend called me and said that he got electrocuted when he was stealing electrical cables," he said.
According to MSHA's report, the accident occurred because the two self-tapping screws used to mount the cable tray on the right side were not long enough to support the cable tray when electrical cable was placed in it.
NABATIEH, Lebanon: Police arrested a gang in south Lebanon suspected of stealing copper from electrical cable, the National News Agency said Friday.
Its 300,000 sq m electrical cables plant includes manufacturing, designing and storage facilities.
Bahrah is one of the most advanced plant supplying electrical cables to major regional projects in the Gulf and Mena region.
PC Stewart Walker, of the force's south metal theft team, is investigating and has warned of the dangers of electrical cable theft.
HOMES were left without power after an electrical cable underneath a pavement caught fire.
Summary: ELAZIG (Cihan) - A 30-year-old man was shocked to death by an electrical cable in eastern Turkish province of Elazig on Saturday.
More than 2,000 Chelsea and Arsenal supporters missed the start of the match in Cardiff after a signal failure caused by a track worker accidentally cutting an electrical cable at Newport.
Two new grades of crosslinked PE, one for XLPE electrical cable and one for under-floor heating pipe, are newly available to the North American market from Borealis Compounds LLC, Port Murray, N.
The Hannay NSCR700 cable reel features a compact design with a sturdy, narrow frame for use with live electrical cable.