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Synonyms for electrical

using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity


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But," replied Bell, "I have not got the electrical knowledge that is necessary.
Electrical disturbance in the sky and the air is reproduced in animals of all kinds, and particularly in the highest type of them all--the most receptive--the most electrical.
As to what you've done for him," replied Father Brown, rising and shaking himself in a floppy way, "you've saved him from the electrical chair.
Are we seriously to suppose that all these clouds, all this immense electrical display, is simply called into existence to extinguish you or me?
By an electrical device the volume of magnetism generated is regulated and the speed of the car varied.
He who wears one of its mates will experience the same feeling; it is caused by an electrical action that takes place the moment two of these gems cut from the same mother stone come within the radius of each other's power.
You wouldn't think to look at her that a tailor's assistant has enlisted in the army because she would not say how d'you do to him and an electrical engineer, an electrical engineer, mind you, has taken to drink because she refused to share her hymn-book with him in church.
Holmes, Cyril Morton, an electrical engineer, and we hope to be married at the end of the summer.
Its effect was electrical, for on the instant all the connotations of "Michael" flooded his consciousness.
The effect upon the rest of the band was electrical.
AN Officer of the Government, with a great outfit of mule-waggons loaded with balloons, kites, dynamite bombs, and electrical apparatus, halted in the midst of a desert, where there had been no rain for ten years, and set up a camp.
peculiar electrical light sometimes observed in the hair.
Its managing director, the intelligent Cyrus Field, purposed even covering all the islands of Oceanica with a vast electrical network, an immense enterprise, and one worthy of American genius.
Is it not possible that the mixture of large bodies of fresh and salt water may disturb the electrical equilibrium?
We recognize that emotion is not enough, and that men and women are personalities capable of sustained relations, not mere opportunities for an electrical discharge.
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