electric toothbrush

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a toothbrush with an electric motor in the handle that vibrates the head of the brush

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Lorgat was observed removing the security tag from the electric toothbrush and then selecting some boxes of condoms from the same aisle.
Brushing consumer company Oral-B stated on Friday that it will unveil its interactive electric toothbrush with Bluetooth 4.
After using an electric toothbrush for the first time on Saturday, he forgot to switch it off.
It was the electric toothbrush, which was responsible for the sound, that gave rise to fears of a bomb at Atlanta's airport and led police to barricade a section of the north terminal while a bomb squad responded.
50 Philips FlexCare Plus Electric Toothbrush - Was PS200 Now PS89.
The bristles on the revolving electric toothbrush brushheads get into the hard to reach places, cleaning around braces, bridges, back teeth and gumline making the DentistRx Revolation a great brush for everyone
Steffan Jones, Gwynedd Council's Senior Waste and Commissioning Manager, said: "This is another convenient way of recycling small electrical equipment, from an electric toothbrush to a kettle or a hand mixer you can bring them to these red banks.
Dutch electronics giant Philips (AMS:PHIA) said on Monday it had struck a deal to buy US Discus Holdings, a manufacturer of professional tooth whitening products, in a move to bolster its global Sonicare electric toothbrush operations.
Although new to vehicles, OLEV charging comes from an unlikely source: the electric toothbrush industry.
As I recall, it was in a Comber column that I first mentioned the electric toothbrush.
Around the size of an electric toothbrush, topped with an oscillating sanding head surrounded in a protective cap, the hand-held device promises to make nail clipping a thing of the past.
For example, a particular segment of the population may have seen references in the media recently to "the electric toothbrush of mascaras, a battery-powered moving mascara said to coat lashes effortlessly.
The Reynolds Handi-Vac Sealer system enables consumers to vacuum-seal foods for storage or freezing quickly and easily with a compact device about the size of an electric toothbrush.