electric shaver

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a razor powered by an electric motor

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An investigation is continuing but the suspected cause of the fire was an electrical fault involving a rechargeable electric shaver.
Growth rates of the overall electric shaver and hair care equipment market and different product segments, 2007-2018
More women's grooming appliances, like electric shavers and many other in-home personal grooming and hair removal devices, have sold over the past 12 months (July 2013-June 2014) than in the previous two years, according to The NPD Group.
Also featuring the patented Clean&Renew system which includes a revolutionary Fast Clean feature makes the Braun Series 7 the world's most intelligent electric shaver.
For those who prefer the convenience of the electric shaver the Philishave Cool Skin is the best on the market by some distance.
a designer and distributor of battery-powered electric shavers and grooming products, for $165 million.
An official at the Justice Ministry's Immigration Bureau admitted the inmates must share the same electric shaver, but added they are instructed to sanitize it after use.
BP328/J387 - rechargeable electric shaver @ pounds 9.
pog "Most People Shaving with an Electric Shaver at multiple sites" - 1,981 participants in 18 venues, 9 countries across the world.
The new product, which will hit retail shelves next month, is the world's only electric shaver with a disposable head, said Drew Fiorenza, vice president and general manager of the Remington brand for Spectrum Brands.
Intertek's Quality & Performance Mark Differentiates Electric Shaver on Usability/User Preference Parameter
BOSTON-The razor wars may spill over into the electric shaver category.
The Titanium MicroFlex 800 electric shaver is a result of Remington's collaboration with the high-design engineers at BMW Designworks USA.
One such company is Wahl, which spends about half its ad budget in the fourth quarter, primarily on radio, according to Dean Masini, the company's electric shaver product manager.
Business appears promising at the high end of the electric shaver industry.