electric resistance

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a material's opposition to the flow of electric current

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Note Offers With Type Of Pull Rod Whether Forge Welded Or Electric Resistance Welded With Above Delivery Shedule Only Will Be Considered.
A In general, electric resistance heating is expensive to use for heating a house.
We have developed and are now selling "Seebeck Coefficient / Electric Resistance Measuring System ZEM-3" corresponding to the performance evaluation of thermoelectric materials.
For cost, noise, air movement, and other reasons, the heat pump heating rates are relatively small at less than 10,000 Btu/hr (3 kW), relative to comparable gas-fired and electric resistance water heaters.
Each HOBO U30 monitoring system will measure and record whole house power, the amount of energy used for hot water heating, indoor and outdoor air temperatures, and the power consumption of both the electric resistance heater and ductless heat pump in each house.
The history of development of methods of production of thermoanthracite turned out so that, in spite of 25-year service of furnaces for production of thermoanthracite, nobody studied experimentally a specific electric resistance (SER) of a compact thermoanthracite, and also the relation between SER of the compact and fraction composition of a bulk mixture.
Products include ductile iron pipe and fittings, ductile iron castings, fire hydrants, valves, fire truck pumps, centrifugally cast steel tubes, static steel castings, fabricated assemblies, Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) steel pipe and spiral-welded steel pipe.
The pipeline was installed in 1955 when electric resistance welds were used to make the pipe.
Researchers worldwide are racing to develop low-cost wire with no electric resistance.
The air heater consists of exposed electric resistance heater elements which assist in the cleanup of the recirculating air by incineration of some of the airborne contaminants.
To increase power density, electric current density must be increased by lower electric resistance, so Mitsubishi Electric developed low-resistance wiring by using direct lead bonding to connect power semiconductor chips directly to the main terminals, eliminating the use of conventional high-resistance aluminum lead wires.
The Supplier Should Specifically Mention The Type Of Hand Brake Pull Rod Whether Forge Welded Or Electric Resistance Welded.
com/research/tnmlft/electric) has announced the addition of the "Concise Analysis of the International Electric Resistance Welded Pipes Market" report to their offering.
A & B Die Casting has also installed three compact new electric resistance melting furnaces from Rayteq, in the past two years, the latest with a melting capacity of 720 lbs.
The company named 18 firms as authorized standard and line pipe distributors for Seamless and Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) pipe; seven as distributors of Seamless only and four as distributors of ERW products only.