electric resistance

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a material's opposition to the flow of electric current

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So, obtained according to the presented standards values of SER are quite unfit for estimation of either thermoanthracite itself as an electro-conductive material or electric resistance of the thermoanthracite charge in the process of coal calcination in the shaft electric furnaces.
The side wall venting of the tankless water heater may create the opportunity to replace some existing electric resistance water heaters, where gas service is available, but a gas storage water heater wasn't used originally because a chimney-type flue did not exist.
Electric resistance of coal graphite materials in the process of heating first reduces and then, after passing a certain minimum extremum, increases [2-5].
This decreases the use of electric resistance heating and also significantly reduces system oversizing relative to the design cooling load.
For example, researchers have observed clear differences in the electric resistance arising from microstructures in the shape of a stadium, where the classical motion is chaotic, and a circle, where the motion is regular.
The new contract will expand the number of GM plants using Schneider Electric resistance welding solutions to cover all 31 General Motors body shop and general assembly plants in North America.
Decades of experience in the furnace industry were combined with innovative engineering and manufacturing techniques to produce a cost effective, reliable and efficient solid state electric resistance furnace.
is the only West Coast steel supplier of five main product lines, consisting of hot rolled, pickled and oiled, galvanized, cold rolled sheet and electric resistance welded pipe.
The automated aluminum melting cell manufactured by Thermtronix consists of three RS-Series Electric Resistance Furnaces, sized to meet the particular application, on a motorized steel turntable.
Headquartered in Fontana, CA, California Steel Industries is a processor of hot and cold rolled sheet steel, galvanized sheet steel and electric resistance welded pipe.
Tenders invited for Electric resistance welded pipes
Founded in 1985 as a manufacturer of quality solid state electric resistance and gas fired furnaces for the aluminum foundry and die casting industries, Thermtronix[R] has rapidly earned a worldwide reputation for quality, performance, and service.
This provides furnace end users with a safer, more efficient way of powering industrial electric resistance furnaces at a lower total cost of operation and ownership.
Limited Tenders are invited for Mild Steel Electric Resistance Welding Pipe (3-Items)
By refitting electric resistance crucible furnaces with Morganite element panels and wiring schematics, along with insulation, customers can lower furnace operating costs, improve melt efficiency and increase equipment uptime.