electric refrigerator

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a refrigerator in which the coolant is pumped around by an electric motor

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With the combination of Hino's hybrid powertrain system technology and DENSO's electric refrigerator system technology, the two companies have developed a high-quality refrigerator system that helps improve fuel economy, improves refrigeration performance, and is quieter when operating.
Even when electric refrigerators became widespread, her mother Hazel Snow kept using her ice box, holding out until the ice delivery man stopped bringing ice in the 1970s, Baltimore said.
It was back in 1915 when inventor Alfred Mellowes invented the first self-contained electric refrigerator for the home in Fort Wayne, Ind.
1916 Frigidaire invents the first electric refrigerator.
No one could have envisioned these advances in 1916 when the first household electric refrigerator was produced in Ft.
There was no air conditioning, no electric refrigerators, no backyard pools.
Up to 4,000 applicants had competed for the 122 apartments that feature indoor bathrooms and electric refrigerators.
Unfortunately, with electricity supply intermittent even when available, compressor-based electric refrigerators, which consume a lot of power, have not been an option.
Prizes include Subaru cars, 65 inch sharp LCD television, Mitsubishi electric refrigerators, Nikon digital cameras, Canon printers, and more.
The vintage books' recipes include such directions as making ice, from a time when electric refrigerators were entering homes.
Electric refrigerators were introduced in 1913 and 1914, and like most innovations, took years to evolve from luxury items to popular products.
A Canadian company called Elmira Stove Works makes retro-style General Electric refrigerators to order.
He described how ice was harvested from local ponds each winter in the days before electric refrigerators.