electric razor

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a razor powered by an electric motor

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But I would like to know why there was an electric razor on the school premises in the first place
After thorough testing, the top of the range Braun Series 7 electric razor nudged out the competition to claim the title of Best In Tools -- Shaver.
Emjoi unveiled the Rotoshave, a product that combines the features of an electric razor with those of a blade shaver.
Namely, Remington's spanking new, spaceshipshaped Titanium Rotary Cleaning Base electric razor.
I've always wanted to become a barber, ever since I was 13," said Ghaleb Al Muhtasib, who has been working in this profession for more than 38 years, as he sat behind his disk while his eldest son Ayman gave a young customer a modern haircut using an electric razor.
I could never get to grips with the electric razor thing - it left my skin so dry and tight.
The use of an electric razor will help the condition because it does not cut as closely as blades.
First discovered in the 1970s, conducting polymers have made it into a few small-scale commercial applications, such as antistatic coatings on photographic film and light emitting diodes in a display of maintenance information on an electric razor.
BOTTOM LINE: Depilatories produce longer-lasting results than shaving and have the same pain-free prospect of an electric razor.
They cite cases such as the man who got life imprisonment for shoplifting a screwdriver, an electric razor and a map from Kmart, or the homeless man who got 25 years for breaking into a restaurant and stealing four cookies.
The writing consistently has a confident light touch, whether it concerns Julien Gaudet's turn-of-the-century lectures at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts or the shape of the latest electric razor.
Gillette sued Norelco, claiming its ads for a new electric razor were "false and deceptive" because they depicted non-electric razors as "ferocious creatures.
Having recently purchased an electric razor, I was surprised to find that in place of the vacuum;molded plastic packaging insert, the company has switched to a 100 percent recyclable pulp-paper tray.
The Swift Response Kit can establish maternity, paternity, and a sibling or grandparent relationship, and can verify fraternal and identical twins using cells collected from the inner lining of the cheek or from cigarette butts, chewed gum, electric razor debris, cotton swabs used to clean ear wax, bloodstained clothing, seminal fluid or semen stains used condoms, or plucked hair.