electric razor

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a razor powered by an electric motor

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We have created a sub-category in the electric razor category.
But I would like to know why there was an electric razor on the school premises in the first place
Mrs Kent added: "He could get spots now - using an electric razor.
I shaved with my electric razor (made in Hong Kong).
After thorough testing, the top of the range Braun Series 7 electric razor nudged out the competition to claim the title of Best In Tools -- Shaver.
Emjoi unveiled the Rotoshave, a product that combines the features of an electric razor with those of a blade shaver.
Namely, Remington's spanking new, spaceshipshaped Titanium Rotary Cleaning Base electric razor.
I've always wanted to become a barber, ever since I was 13," said Ghaleb Al Muhtasib, who has been working in this profession for more than 38 years, as he sat behind his disk while his eldest son Ayman gave a young customer a modern haircut using an electric razor.
I could never get to grips with the electric razor thing - it left my skin so dry and tight.
First discovered in the 1970s, conducting polymers have made it into a few small-scale commercial applications, such as antistatic coatings on photographic film and light emitting diodes in a display of maintenance information on an electric razor.
BOTTOM LINE: Depilatories produce longer-lasting results than shaving and have the same pain-free prospect of an electric razor.
They cite cases such as the man who got life imprisonment for shoplifting a screwdriver, an electric razor and a map from Kmart, or the homeless man who got 25 years for breaking into a restaurant and stealing four cookies.
The writing consistently has a confident light touch, whether it concerns Julien Gaudet's turn-of-the-century lectures at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts or the shape of the latest electric razor.
Gillette sued Norelco, claiming its ads for a new electric razor were "false and deceptive" because they depicted non-electric razors as "ferocious creatures.