electric power

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the product of voltage and current

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As complete liberalization of the retail market of electric power for households could come as early as 2016, it is expected that an increasing number of electric power companies based in other regions will enter the Tokyo metropolitan area market, where the population is dense.
They join Tokyo Electric Power, Kansai Electric Power Co.
imported no electric power from Armenia either in 2011 or in 2012.
10 May 2010 - Japanese Rating and Investment Information (R&I) confirmed Friday the ratings of AA+ and of a-1+, both with a "stable" outlook on 10 local electric power companies.
Cogeneration can be a fully self-reliant energy source, generating enough electric power onsite for the entire building, while capturing the waste heat from the generating equipment usually a gas reciprocating engine, combustion turbine, micro-turbine or fuel cell.
Given the downgrading, S&P's ratings on all nine Japanese electric power companies now stand at AA-minus.
The planned rate hikes by company, in order of coverage area from north to south, are 45 yen for Hokkaido Electric Power Co.
1981 - EIA, Electric Power Monthly, March 1992, Table 4, and (for geothermal energy and other) FERC, Form FPC-4, "Monthly Power Plant Report.
The Federal Reserve will publish revisions of its measures of industrial production (IP), capacity, capacity utilization, and industrial use of electric power on January 7, 1997.
The van has a top speed of 70 mph and travels only 100 miles between charges, but Santa Clarita officials think that electric power could have a future within the city's limits of 43 square miles.
Tangshan Power Supply Company of North China Electric Power
ORIX Electric Power Corporation, a subsidiary of ORIX Corporation, today announced that it has started offering a service for condominium and apartment residents that makes visible their electricity usage by means of displays on their condominium intercoms.
Based on the tally of the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan, the combined CO2 reduction rate of Japan's 10 utilities, including Okinawa Electric Power Co.
Revisions to the monthly indicators for each industry (physical product data, production worker hours, or electric power usage) and revised seasonal factors will be incorporated back to 1992.
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