electric potential

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the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts

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related to its interaction with the electric potential of the cell and [D.
EPIC sensors work by detecting changes in the Earth's atmospheric electric potential field caused by a hand or body moving through it.
ab] is the electric potential between two materials a and b, and [DELTA]T is the temperature difference.
It is electric potentials and currents produced by or occurring within living organisms.
The 34 conversions possible are: time, mass, area, volume, temperature, length, angle, angular velocity, angular acceleration, velocity, acceleration, density, force, power, energy, pressure, torque, electric capacitance, electric charge, electric current, electric inductance, electric field strength, electric potential, electric resistance, electric conductance, magnetic flux, magnetic field strength, luminance, luminous intensity, viscosity dynamic, viscosity kinetic, thermal conductivity, thermal heat capacity, and volume flow.
c] together with scalar electric potential combined with the use of magnetic scalar potential in the non-conducting area (Ciric, 2007).
Specifically, Laplace's equations are solved in n dimensions subject to hyper-spherical symmetry in order to obtain the electric potential and hence the electric field.
When a certain current intensity i (in mA) flows through the subsoil another couple of electrodes (M and N) register the difference of electric potential V(in mV) generated in the subsoil.
ISLAMABAD, October 12, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Chairman Prime Ministers Inspection Commission (PMIC),Malik Amjad Ali Noon said on Tuesday that government was committed to the development of Gilgit-Baltistan area and keen to exploit rich hydro electric potential through encouraging green projects for the socio economic development of the country.
Heat energy is directly converted into electricity based on electric potential difference caused by temperature differences at both sides of thermoelectric elements.
The specialist adviser was impressed with the company's ability to make the most of piezoelectricity, which utilises the ability of ceramic materials to generate electric potential in response to applied mechanical stress.
Moreover, a reduction of frost thickness of 14% was observed for electric potential equal to 15 kV whereas an increment of the thickness of approximately 20% was observed when electric potential was set to - 15 kV.
Specifically, Laplace's equation is solved in n dimensions to obtain the electric potential, and hence the electric field.
A numerical thermoelectric model of the electric calcinator was developed with application of generalized physical properties of bulk layer of Donetsk anthracite, using which for the first time data were obtained on distribution of electric potential and density of current, temperature, and heat flow density in two- and three-stage calcinations of anthracite.
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