electric potential

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the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts

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The voltage output is determined by the hysteresis electric potential of the positive and negative electrode, all the overpotential due to the particle movement and Butler-Volmer equation and the overpotential from the Solid-Electrolyte Interface (SEI) layer due to battery aging.
Electric potentials are generated as a result of movement of the eyeballs within the conductive environment of the skull.
However, ionic liquids decomposes under very high electric potential and leaked through the cracked surface which still cause a degradation of the actuation performance of IPMC actuators [21].
The simulation results for a) electric field lines in a screen with no touch, b) equipotential in a screen with no touch, c) the impact of touch in x=1, y=-4 on the electric field pattern and d) the impact of x=1, y=-4 on electric potential pattern
d], an electric potential field [phi] : [OMEGA] x [0, T] [right arrow] R, an electric displacement field D : [OMEGA] x [0, T] [right arrow] [R.
13) appears similar to the continuity equation and may represent a "local form" of the conservation of electric potential energy for a point charge in the electromagnetic field.
phi]] denote prescribed displacements and electric potential, respectively.
Contact voltage is the presence of an electric potential on publically accessible objects that should not normally be energised," according to UTGIS president Mark Voigtsberger.
To resolve these difficulties, ULVAC has developed an ionization vacuum gauge with a structure designed to lighten the load on ion collectors by reducing the ion current value per area and to make electric potential in ionized space uniform.
In fact, since the electric potential is the negative gradient of the electric field, its value at any position integrates the current density over the entire space (contributing to the ubiquitous blur effect observed on conventional EEG topography).
The electrolytic cell was disposed as a by-pass in one of the resistors so that any redox reaction (ATKINS; PAULA, 2002) between electrodes and electrolyte inside the cell caused a difference in the electric potential which was indicated on the voltmeter display (EISBERG; LERNER, 1981; MIODUSKI, 1982; FIALHO, 2002).
This method, known as capacitive deionization, employs an electric potential between porous carbon electrodes to draw salt ions out of water and concentrate them in a separate saline pool.
Similarly, in human also, decrease in electric potential causes progressive weakness due to unchecked haemorrhage, overwhelming emotional stress, uncontrolled infections, unbalanced diet, prolonged loss of sleep and surgical shock.
Rosedale made his wife a cap studded with electroencephalogram (EEG) electrodes that measure differences in electric potential in order to record brain activity, while he wore a virtual reality headset to explore her brain in 3D, as flashes of light displayed her brain activity from the EEG.
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