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receptacle providing a place in a wiring system where current can be taken to run electrical devices

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The user connects an easy-to-handle/easy-to-carry dedicated battery with a large-sized handgrip to the recharger and plugs into a household electric outlet (100V).
The Fisker Karma can travel emission free for up to 50 miles on a full charge from any 110-, 220- or 240-volt electric outlet.
The Volt, still in the prototype stage but slated for mass production by 2010, will be able to go upwards of 40 miles on a single overnight charge from a common household electric outlet.
Plug-in hybrids take the concept further by plugging into a regular electric outlet to enable the vehicle to operate solely on its electric motor for ranges of 40-50 miles or more on a single charge.
Charging batteries takes between one and three hours through a standard electric outlet and at a cost of about 30cents, said Tom Cackette, chief deputy executive officer of the California Air Resources Board.
Electric outlet covers and light-switch plates are affordable and sometimes free
In these MDUs, users can plug their laptop into any electric outlet within the building--in a common lounge or poolside, for example--and enjoy the freedom of a high-speed wireless network combined with the security of a wireline network.
The Northern Electric outlet in Redcar's new Regent Walk complex also marks the launch of Captain Cash Trader - a Northern Electric character offering a range of services including confidential cheque cashing, pay day advances and savings stamps with cash bonuses.
The device comes in two parts--a sensor that attaches to the inside of the garage door and a receiver that plugs into any electric outlet within the house.
Salton's programmable pressure cookers, on the other hand, can be plugged into an electric outlet.
For example, when plugged into an electric outlet, they will run at top speed, but when on battery power, they will drop to a lower, more efficient speed.
It runs on nickel-cadmium batteries that can travel 850-63 miles on a single charge, which takes around six to eight hours by plugging into any standard electric outlet.
We even gave them an electric outlet for their equipment.
And refueling is no problem; it simply means a visit to a gas pump and an electric outlet.
It can be plugged into any conventional electric outlet, and costs less than $8 to fully charge.