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(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ

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Jason Gallant, MSU zoologist and co-lead author of the paper, said it's truly exciting to find that complex structures like the electric organ, which evolved completely independently in six groups of fish, seem to share the same genetic toolkit.
Electric fish, like the electric eel, its cousin the electric catfish, the electric ray, and the elephant fish in Africa, are electrogenic: they emit charges from electric organs in their bodies.
From August 9 through 15, more than 300 vendors are expected to create a weeklong sales extravaganza for gospel gear, including books, CDs, electric organs, ethnic clothing, musical instruments and choir robes.
The goal of this research is to determine how various electric fish generate ATP in their electric organs.
At 8pm, organists Carlo Curley and Thomas Trotter will put two specially hired electric organs through their paces in Organ Extravaganza, a fundraising concert in aid of the appeal.
The program will include Los Angeles premieres of ``Proverb'' (1995), a composition for voices, electric organs and vibraphones; and ``Nagoya Marimbas'' (1994), a percussion work for marimbas; both of which are on Reich's latest CD, ``City Life'' (Nonesuch).
They found that the dimmer switch comes in the form of sodium channels the fish insert and remove from the membranes of special cells, called electrocytes, within their electric organs.