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(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ

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Actually, I didn't know it was a Hammond, I just knew it was an electric organ, so the first band I was in, we went out and bought an organ but it was the wrong one - we bought a Lowry, which, fine organ that it is, is not a Hammond.
Its electric organ is made up of plates of musclefibers connected in a series down its long body.
Later, an electric organ accompanied the live voice-dubbing of the silent films "A Dog's Life" (1918), directed by Charlie Chaplin, and Buster Keaton's "Sherlock Jr.
Divested of their costumes, members of the Fowell family would on occasion take over one of the bars, and Doug would sometimes play along with an electric organ player.
The pacemaker nucleus organizes the discharge sequence whereas the rest of the system determines the electric organ discharge waveform, which is species specific.
Both the title track and Something's Gotta Give swing but it's Cole Porter's Just One Of Those Things that proves the biggest surprise, re-interpreted as a sinister electric organ vamp reminiscent of The Doors.
Highlights included the pretty keyboards of Made Up Love Song #43 and Blue Would Still Be Blue, where frontman Fyfe Dangerfield sung acapella and played a kid's electric organ.
Singing almost always in Khmer, Nimol lays a high-pitched, acrobatic vibrato to the band's groove of sax, flute, Vietnamese string instruments, drums, keyboard, guitars and a Farfisa electric organ, the mainstay for Sin Sisamouth - the late Cambodian King of pop.
And when my husband Ged, an officer at Nuneaton Justice Centre, 47, got on his electric organ all hell broke lose as Chloe chirped in time to the music.
Claudia's love for music began when her parents gave her an electric organ at age six.
And the keyboard, mounted on an imitation leather shelf, is a cheap Bontempi electric organ purchased secondhand in Geneva.
For those who don't remember, this little box of delights was an electric organ that looked rather like one of today's handheld PDA computers.
The electric organ develops from muscle when the fish is young, which has scientists fascinated: It's very unusual for one type of cell to change into another.
within a dream within a dream like electric organ humpbacks
I learnt this when a student wrote that her electric organ could make a sound like a fruit, which I thought was a marvelously surreal idea till I realized that a fruit was in fact a long metallic wind musical instrument.