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(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ

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All animals emit weak electrical charges, via their muscles, just by moving, but electric animals also have special electric organs.
Claudia's love for music began when her parents gave her an electric organ at age six.
And the keyboard, mounted on an imitation leather shelf, is a cheap Bontempi electric organ purchased secondhand in Geneva.
For those who don't remember, this little box of delights was an electric organ that looked rather like one of today's handheld PDA computers.
The electric organ develops from muscle when the fish is young, which has scientists fascinated: It's very unusual for one type of cell to change into another.
within a dream within a dream like electric organ humpbacks
I learnt this when a student wrote that her electric organ could make a sound like a fruit, which I thought was a marvelously surreal idea till I realized that a fruit was in fact a long metallic wind musical instrument.
Other activities in which Charlie participated were cooking in the Royal Sussex Regiment, car dealing, humping coal, running a pub, supplying horses to the Ministry of Works and tinkering around (badly) on an electric organ.
Sternopygus has an electric organ at the base of its tail.
For the electric organ, the editors picture the Hammond as the most famous type in two views, neither of which has a pedal keyboard.
The band formed in 1965 -- when Morrison and Manzarek were film students at UCLA -- with a sound that was dominated by Manzarek's electric organ and Morrison's deep, sonorous voice with which he sang his highly poetic lyrics.
Myrtle recalled in 2000 how family friends living at Stokesley were the proud owners of an electric organ.
It had an electric organ which rose, as if by magic, from below screen level and was visible to the whole audience.
Visitors to the listed house were greeted by a near lifesize figure of the American tap dancer and actor Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, sitting at an electric organ with dummy pipes.
I have played the electric organ since I was four," she says.