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a main that distributes electricity

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In the stairway and landing electric main distributions are different networks, lighting control, telecommunications distributor and security lighting.
Playing the Electric main stage were big names in the world of reggae and dancehall, including Inner Circle, Tippa Irie, Ambelique and Michael Prophet.
The contracts will see Ultra delivering the landing gear control computer, the steering control computer and the electric main entry door control computer.
Those who miss out on the helicopter ride of a lifetime will still be able to visit the Electric Wharf Tent just outside the Electric Main Stage where they will have the opportunity of winning a sumptuous dinner for two courtesy of Prague Bar and Restaurant in Priory Place.
The work includes renovation and maintenance along with replacement of chillers, electric main panels and boards.
The two-hour, 15 minute show was served up in three courses, as Peter described it: an acoustic starter, an electric main course and So as the dessert.
Sept 18 - Thieves entered garage by forcing side door then opened electric main door and stole strimmer, two bicycles and leaf blower.
As well as designing the vessel, Rolls-Royce will supply the diesel electric main machinery, consisting of frequency controlled electric driven azimuth thrusters, super silent mounted transverse thrusters, DP2 dynamic positioning system, power electrical system, deck machinery, and the latest generation Acon automation and control system.
The document pointed out that K , electric main defaulter of PSO has categorically stated that it would not pay
8/10 charming PETER GABRIEL ECHO arena PETER GABRIEL described his Back to Front tour as a meal of three courses: an acoustic starter, an electric main course - complete with light show and film accompaniment - and seminal album So as the dessert.
Gabriel promised the event would be an acoustic starter, electric main course and dessert would be courtesy of the So album, played in its entirety in the order that it was originally envisioned.
AA SCOOTER battery is charged from an AC supply - ie, your electric mains.