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a guitar whose sound is amplified by electrical means

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Easy Studies for Acoustic and Electric Guitar, by Stefan Oser.
However, one lingering problem remained: the magnetic pickups used in traditional electric guitars have inherent noise, interfere with string vibration, and generate their own tone, never allowing the instrument to reach the perfection of its sound.
He said: "What has always been more usual is for prisoners to have access to electric guitars in a supervised setting.
The guitars are described as a red Fender Telecaster; a cream Epiphone and an unbranded red electric guitar.
Founded on nine years of research and development, Sunset Guitars is a Southern California-based builder of high-quality electric guitars.
designed one of the first solid-body electric guitars, which most musicians use today.
First known as a brilliant guitarist, Paul went on to change the course of music, pioneering the shift from acoustic to electric guitar and inventing multi-track recording.
Paul built his first solid-body electric guitar, dubbed "the log", in 1941but he was able to sell electric guitars from 1952.
Les Paul pioneered the solid-body electric guitar, multitrack recording and was a very talented player.
APAIR of electric guitar designers are hoping to make some noise in their home town with their own brand of instruments.
Edgier, harder - the sparse instrumentation and deft harmonies are still there, now surrounded by chugging electric guitars.
A Gibson Flying V electric guitar, used by Bolan, was sold recently at auction and made a very big noise.
the "Company") is pleased to announce the successful launch of their new British hand made electric guitars at their launch party last week in their manufacturing facility at 20 Denmark Street, London WC2.
We were all from folk backgrounds and we thought of ourselves as folk singers, even when we played electric guitars and dabbled in country and jazz.
Other high-ticket items are Martin acoustic guitars made before World War II and so-called "pre-CBS" Fender electric guitars, made before CBS bought the company in 1965.