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a small electric space heater

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Realistic looking gas and electric fires (inset, hole in the wall and outset) as well as bespoke and locally made; marble, limestone and wood surrounds, can create a limitless amount of options to suit every taste and budget.
On the basis of geography, the economic environmental analysis of the main regions clarifies the need for electric fire engines even more.
The electric fire, which had no guard, had been placed too close to the bedding.
Foleshill station commander Paul Wattling said the woman had fallen over the electric fire and burnt her arm in the fall.
The new tenant moved in and would have been delighted for them to have left the fitted wardrobes, fire surround, electric fire and also the garden shed.
CAIRO: An electric fire caused Essam Al-Hadari's house to be badly damaged but no one was hurt.
Ever resourceful, the shivering Sophie (below) went to Lambourn Universal Stores to buy an electric fire or two and an electric blanket.
CLASSIC: A Valor Classica Pewter electric fire in the Dimension range; ON WALL: A Dali Hang On The Wall electric fire from Wickes, at pounds 399
The Aspen electric fire at just pounds 199 and the Bolero 2 electric brass effect at pounds 299 are both brilliant value.
DISABLED pensioner Barbara Sansom eats her meals in front of an electric fire wearing a padded jacket, a cardigan, a jumper and a woollen blanket around her legs to keep warm.
Suffolk Police, who are investigating the incident jointly with the fire service, said it appeared the fire was started by an electric fire in the boy's first-floor bedroom.
Firemen said it was thought he may have inadvertently thrown clothes over an electric fire, setting them alight.
An electric fire at the University Student Union resulted in a campus-wide power shortage Saturday night, and generators failed to keep the gymnasium lights on.
4)Joint-stock company electric fire fighting corporation
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