electric field

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a field of force surrounding a charged particle

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Zhao and colleagues found that when the cells were in an electric field, the positively-charged polyamines tend to accumulate at the side of the cell near the negative electrode.
Physicist Joseph Dwyer of the University of New Hampshire in Durham says the technique should help scientists piece together how thunderclouds build up the tremendous electric fields required for lightning.
Working parameters such as applied electric field, frequency and treatment time were investigated.
Menzel and Roberge said that based on the corrected understanding of the electric fields the asteroids would have experienced, the solar wind and plasma conditions that would have prevailed, and a mechanism known as multi-fluid magneto-hydrodynamics.
Electrical breakdown strength is an important parameter to characterize the safety as well as the energy storage capability of dielectric materials during charging and discharging repeatedly in electric field.
Applications include: electrophysiological signal detection, ECG/EOG/EMG/EEG non-critical patient monitoring, emergency response diagnostics, sports and health products, electric field and potential sensing, movement sensing, security, switching and gaming applications, etc.
The electric field is a conservative force field, and according to the potential theory, is obtained from the scalar potential [PSI]:
In this paper investigations of finding transmitters' parameters are described so that two basic criteria are satisfied: the strength of electric field in protected areas (areas of people presence) should be below prescribed level (for total electric field of all transmitters in that area), and the level of transmitters signal should be sufficient for quality level of reception in the whole observed area including protected areas.
As explained in the next section, the EHD (ElectroHydroDynamic) technique, the application of an electric field to a frosting surface, could be that controlling technology.
We have been working with EL technology for 5 years, which is based on the emission of light by a phosphor layer exposed to an electric field, an electric field created in this case by solar power and the response to this product is phenomenal, Tom Tranter, Director of Anokimobi Ltd said.
Specifically, Laplace's equation is solved in n dimensions to obtain the electric potential, and hence the electric field.
The backlight shines through a pixel when the liquid crystal molecules occupying it are turned "on," which occurs when an electric field causes the molecule to change its alignment.
6) have used coplanar electric field to form chains of colloidal particles, thereby enhancing the rate of the latex agglutination reaction.
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