electric fan

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a fan run by an electric motor

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ATHE first electric fans were made as early as 1881 in the USA though the Golden Age for fan collectors - and there are vast armies of them in the States - is really between 1900 and the early 1940s.
The Entryway, 1997, presents the electric fan, taped-up Polaroids, and shag carpeting of an apartment that could play host to the Spanish-style swag lamp depicted in Chandelier (Hope), 1998.
At the time, Woods took most of his clothes and his electric fan, but he said Friday he never intended to leave for good.
Things to check are: 1) coolant level and condition; 2) the water pump drive belt if your Sierra is fitted with a Pinto engine; 3) the cooling fan on a Pinto engine or the electric fan on a c.
Nissan is installing an improved durability cooling drive system, a new radiator, an electric fan, and various other parts.
The year Dr Schuyler Wheeler came up with the first desktop electric fan
The blaze was triggered by a fault in an electric fan at the Dog and Cat Centre on Benton Lane, Longbenton, North Tyneside.
A six-month-old baby, ten-year-old twins and three other children were in the home in Fulwood Avenue, Beechwood, Middlesbrough, when an electric fan heater caught fire.
The high voltage grid we operate performed extremely well during the heat storm but it is painful to know that some people died because they didn't have something as simple as an electric fan.
Electric Fan - Cooler Fan, preferably Iwata Brand -350 watts power 50m area -heavy duty type -floor-standing with wheels (high and low stand available)or wall mounted type -with horizontal (automatic) and vertical (manual) louver -25 liters water ta
He said this while addressing Annual General Meeting of the Pakistan Electric Fan Manufacturers Association in Gujrat.
TOYOTA Prius T Spirit models will now be available with an optional Solar Pack, that uses solar panels in the car's roof to help power a small electric fan that circulates air around the cabin.
Addressing to the Annual General Meeting of Pakistan Electric Fan Manufacturers Association in Gujrat on Sunday, he said that all possible facility would be provided for development of electric fan industry in Gujrat in order to boost exports so that maximum foreign exchange can be earned, he added.
It also has an electric fan heater and an airing cupboard housing the immersion heater.
The front-end module contains the carrier, radiator, electric fan and condenser for the car's air conditioner, intercooler and air cleaner.