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a transducer used to detect and measure light and other radiations

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Electric Eye recommends the use of cameras without fixed lenses, so that an appropriate lens can be fitted to give the view required.
All entries will be sorted by computerised equipment with an electric eye that reads addresses and postcodes.
Another way to improve bathroom safety, and save water, is to install an electric eye that turns water on when you pass your hands in front of it.
New equipment has been developed for in-mold decorating that feeds the stamping foil, which has been preprinted in register, directly into the mold where it is located by electric eye.
The new applicator loads effortlessly, uses an easy-set electric eye for label registration, and has quick activation for highly efficient and productive garment labeling.
Its TC-50B, HD system for HDPE has a new computer system for HDPE has a new computer system that controls layflat width by means of an electric eye, throughput rate and average film thickness by gravimetric feeding control, and frostline position by means of optical sensing and cooling-air regulation.
The RFID solution at Coleman consists of an electric eye that senses a carton as it moves on the conveyor belt and then signals the RFID reader to read the RFID tag.
feature film, and Electric Eye Entertainment, a Texas firm that creates,
The activities in the enclosed Top Secret Mission manual include secret messages, alarms, a lie detector, and an electric eye designed to provide many fun learning adventures.
2 Iwasaki Electric EYE Hortilux Super Blue Specifications 3-193.
To earn the Ergonomic Innovation Award, the corporation installed articulating guns to prevent vibration; lift tables were provided to lift and tilt parts to the level suitable for the operator to reduce bending and reaching; automatic buttons were installed to activate engine turnover to reduce back and upper body injuries; a metal stop controlled by an electric eye was installed to stop the flow of liners and allow safety off-loading thus reducing the number of injury claims; and an articulating arm was installed to insert oil pans to reduce awkward repetitive trauma injuries.
Computer manufacturers are currently discussing bundling opportunities with Electric Eye.
Kansai Electric eyes MOX fuel use at Takahama plant from fall of 2014
Tomorrow's show will be opened by London rockers Terminal Gods whose single, Electric Eyes, is currently at number one in the European alternative music charts.