electric drill

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a rotating power drill powered by an electric motor

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Driller Killer, which includes a blood-splattered scene in which the victim screams while the killer bores a hole in his forehead with an electric drill is due to be shown on Channel 4.
Tenders are invited for Supply of High Speed Electric Drill System Qty-1
DESIGNED to fit any electric drill, this sharpener regrinds the metal blades of your rotary mower to the correct angle quickly and easily.
Tenders are invited for Re-Support Of Drilling Of Holes At Roof By Providing Electric Drill Machine With Wet Drilling Arrangement For Full Column Grouting Roof Bolting Support At Travelling Roadway And New Proposed Belt Roadway At M.
IT'S all down to science that glass smashes, you can't walk through walls and an electric drill can burn down your house.
The footage showed the terrorists shoving statues off their plinths, shattering them on the floor and applying an electric drill to a large winged bull.
In addition to the kit provided by the council and as a welcome to the business, Kier provided the apprentices with an electric drill each.
In addition to the kit provided by the council, Kier provided the apprentices with an electric drill each.
MODERN kettles can be as loud as an electric drill and even give lawnmowers a run for their money.
Using an electric drill and grinder, they managed to smash open the lock to gain entry behind the terminal outside S&K Supermarket in Arbury Road, Stockingford.
Materials needed: Vintage birdcage with a solid floor Dishwashing liquid Electric drill Light fitting Electrical cord (flex) Cord grip ?
The titanium pump rotates nine times faster than an electric drill and is powered via an electrical cable which passes through the skin to a controller worn around the patient's waist.
July 25 - A thief broke into a garage through a window and stole clocks and an electric drill.
The power adapter will allow the user to chuck the Kwick Case Trimmer into an electric drill, and speed up the trimming process.
They are: High End Fishing Set; 24V Bachmayr electric drill; 1800W Wagner heat gun, Bosch electric screwdriver, 12V Festool electric drill; Makita BHP451 electric drill which has "ALLY" written on it; Hitachi 24V electric drill with charger and a Bosch PH01 Planer.
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