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r] of the electrostatic field, which are characteristic in accordance with [3, 7] for electric discharge processes in the investigated clouds.
The objectives of the project work is to understand the mechanism of electric discharge machining.
Little work has been reported incorporating the AISI 1045 steel for electric discharge machining using Discharge current, Pulse OFF time, Pulse ON time and Gap voltage as input variables to evaluate the surface roughness using RSM.
The electric discharge is achieved in the laser discharge channel by keeping the C2 intensively charged while rapid discharging of C1 simultaneously.
Five tenders requesting local and international offers for the supply of (a) one CNC lathe for the manufacturing of tools, (b) one CNC electric discharge wire cutting machine, (c) one CNC horizontal boring machine, (d) one CNC - EDM (Spark Erosion) die sinking machine, (e) one CNC universal tool and cutter grinder machine.
I realized that she was about to fill the gas can while it was still in the car, and remembered video footage of the gas station fire caused by a static electric discharge.
The inclusion of the excitation signal in the physical system can break this symmetry; however, if the electromagnetic field source is an electric discharge at the angular coordinates [theta] and [phi], it is always possible to choose another system of spherical coordinates with the excitation located in the origin of the [theta] coordinate (Figure 2).
on the other hand, some techniques such as electric discharge machining (EDM) and wire electric discharge machining (WEDM) are quite successful for machining of MMCs.
Keywords: metal matrix composite (MMC), wire electric discharge cutting (WEDC), material removal rate (MRR)
When a high voltage is applied to the system, an electric discharge usually takes place during a process of electrospinning.
A well-grounded blender frame and weigh hoppers will help to reduce static before an electric discharge can reach the weighing system.
Making this announcement on Friday, the company said that the new 600-inch screen replaced the previous electric discharge tube screen installed 10 years ago.
Services--mostly for electric discharge machines--generated [yen] 8.
New technologies described include hyper-acceleration on the basis of electric discharge and combined units, devices for bactericidal water treatment, and the generation of charged oxide nanoparticles and their applications in biology, genetics, and oncology.
Thus dielectric pressure from the working gap becomes negative and the volume of the gas bubble, created by a previous electric discharge, grows up to a value, corresponding to high dielectric pressure at the end of an oscillation period.