electric dipole moment

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the dipole moment in an electric dipole

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137, 127 (1989), Microwave Spectrum, Structure, and Electric Dipole Moment of Ar-C[H.
00] Transition and the Electric Dipole Moment of Si[C.
There are good theoretical reasons to think that it isn't too far away," says physicist Larry Hunter of Amherst College in Massachusetts, who has been hunting the electron's electric dipole moment since the 1980s.
Within the next few months, scientists at Imperial College London are expected to report the latest limit on the size of the electron electric dipole moment, the first such improvement in a decade.
Examples of observables of this kind are the electric dipole moments of the neutron and atoms, and T-odd correlations in leptonic and semileptonic decays.
The search for an electric dipole moment (EDM) of the neutron is perhaps unique in modern physics in that experimental work on this subject has been going on more or less continuously for over 50 years.
For instance, in the new experiment to measure the neutron electric dipole moment (EDM) in preparation at PSI the magnetic field has to be stable in time on a level below pT.
The precise measurement and control of magnetic fields and magnetic field fluctuations is an important step for experiments searching for a permanent electric dipole moment (EDM) of the neutron, and is one of the main factors limiting the accuracy.
There are two possible ways to obtain polarized UCN for the electric dipole moment (EDM) experiment: either one uses magnetized ferromagnetic layers on thin foils [1] or one uses strong magnetic fields of the order of 5 T.
This UCN detector with analysis of UCN polarization can be used in the new electric dipole moment (EDM) spectrometer.
The aim of DeMille's project, "Search for the Electron Electric Dipole Moment in the a(1) State of PbO," is to use the paramagnetic, metastable excited state a(1) of PbO to search for an electron electric dipole moment (EDM) with a detection limit of [10.
This applies to determinations of the I-violating electric dipole moments as well as to I-violating correlations in decay or scattering processes.
The derived molecular properties, such as rotational and centrifugal distortion constants, hyperfine structure constants, electric dipole moments, rotational g-factors and internuclear distances (for diatomic molecules) are listed with one standard deviation uncertainties for all species.