electric dipole

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a dipole with equal and opposite electric charges

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Recall that an electric dipole antenna is a pair of conducting bodies (usually spheres or rectangular plates) of finite capacitance connected by a thin wire of negligible capacitance through an oscillator.
Precise rotational constants, vibration-rotation interaction constants, quadrupole coupling constant, and electric dipole moment were obtained.
These are identified as the potential and electric field, respectively, of the electric dipole in 3-dimensional space.
1997) is that by increasing the ordering of water on the microtubule surface, spontaneous symmetry breaking occurs (see below), thus creating Nambu--Goldstone (NG) bosons, the quanta of long-range correlation waves of the aligned electric dipoles referred to as dipole wave quanta, denoted DWQ.
There are good theoretical reasons to think that it isn't too far away," says physicist Larry Hunter of Amherst College in Massachusetts, who has been hunting the electron's electric dipole moment since the 1980s.
An electric dipole is created if, in a system comprising a positive and a negative charge, such as a hydrogen atom, the two opposite charges are somewhat separated, like a dumbbell.
At high pressures, the two electrons prefer to stay close to just one of the protons, producing an uneven distribution of charge known as an electric dipole.
A breakthrough technique for using an electric dipole to modulate the important workfunction characteristic of a negative-channel field-effect transistor (nFET).
They highlight new results and developments in such topics as neutron electric dipole moment searches, neutron optics and interferometry, Standard Model tests using neutron beta decay, neutron facilities, neutron polarimetry, and nucleon-nucleon interactions.
Previous research established that an alpha-helix protein is an electric dipole.
Examples of observables of this kind are the electric dipole moments of the neutron and atoms, and T-odd correlations in leptonic and semileptonic decays.
This applies to determinations of the I-violating electric dipole moments as well as to I-violating correlations in decay or scattering processes.
4] C, obtained from modern restrictions on the neutron electric dipole moment [14], can be reached in proposed experiments.
The conference started with a session on what is considered by many particle physicists to be the flagship of the field, namely the search for an electric dipole moment (EDM) of the neutron.
89 nm beam is used primarily for ultracold neutron production for a new effort to measure the neutron lifetime, but some additional studies have been done for a proposed neutron electric dipole moment experiment [10].