electric current

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a flow of electricity through a conductor

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The electric current in the electrospinning process was determined by having an ohmic resistor (20 M[ohm]) in series between the collector and the ground (Fig.
Graphite electrodes with larger diameters ensure higher steel-production efficiency as the amount of electric current increases in proportion to the size of electrode's cross section.
The electric fishing operation concentrates on the shallower parts of the river where fisheries officers wade upstream while sending an electric current through the water with hand held probes or electrodes.
The AED delivers electric current to the heart muscles, momentarily stunning the heart and stopping all activity.
The transfer of electrons from the fullerene molecules to the tube generated the electric current flow in the nanotube's surface, they said.
Induction melting works by the alternating electric current that flows into a furnace through a copper coil.
If you move an electric wire close to a magnet, a little electric current develops in the wire.
The device operates at low electric current with reduced distortion, which leads to lower power consumption as well as a smaller size and higher performance of base transceiver stations.
Each one of these 'cable bacteria' contains a bundle of insulated wires that conduct an electric current from one end to the other.
These films light up when an electric current is applied.
Su says that he expects ridges to also improve performance of standard LEDs, which emit light in response to electric current.
Electrons flow from zinc to the mystery element, creating an electric current in small devices like watches, calculators, and penlights.
Dubbed "muscles" because they perform work in a similar manner to their biological namesakes, they are actually films of electroactive silicone or acrylic polymers that flatten and stretch up to three times their original size in the presence of an electric current.
Electrolyzed water, produced by applying an electric current to a dilute saltwater solution, may serve a variety of food treatment purposes, according to University of Georgia scientist Yen-Con Hung.
The power coil carries a large electric current which establishes a magnetic field as shown in Fig.