electric cord

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a light insulated conductor for household use

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The puppy had been shocked by biting an electric cord.
The test car had an electric cord and socket painted on its flanks and other gaudy graphics; otherwise it looked like a Metro that had lost its exhaust pipe on a rock.
This unit is portable, but requires an electric cord and flat surface over 1-1/8 in.
The Spinbrush battery-powered or Spinbrush[R] SONIC battery-operated toothbrushes do not have a charging base with an electric cord and plug and are not subject to this recall.
The 30-second clip, which shows an unidentified man hitting the young girls with an electric cord, has drawn condemnation from viewers around the world.
The power washing equipment requires one electric cord and is available with support for either a 440-volt or 220-volt power.
His hands had been tied behind his back with electric cord.
Hisae Miyamae got the sentence for strangling her husband Nobutomi with an electric cord on Dec.
Sarah Coverdale discovered Aaron's body dangling from the electric cord of his radio.
He repeatedly struck Tyrone with a doubled-over electric cord.
They gave her electric shocks with a metal clip connected to an electric cord, made her cut her finger until it bled, and then forced her to write a note in her own blood promising never to try and escape, according to the prosecutors.
Slide the electric cord through the bottle neck and secure the lamp attachment firmly into the top of the bottle.
At last - an alternative to trimming those far-flung reaches of the lawn without getting snarled up in miles of electric cord.