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a clock using a small electric motor

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The electric clock was six hours behind the actual time.
50 YEARS AGO: Changes now being made in the Bournville carrillon include the rising of the bells - which are among the heaviest in Europe - so that they can be heard for a greater distance and the substitution of the master clock for the present electric clock.
One was set up in 1861 at Calton Hill connected to an electric clock at the nearby observatory.
Product: A white-on-white electric range sports burners arranged in clusters for positive identification; up-front controls; porcelain door with window; oven light; electric clock, and timer.
The electric motors are what go in an electric clock, and the easiest and probably least expensive repair is replacement.
It had been planned to present the chapel's electric clock to Bob Howatson, one of two elderly members who have helped maintain the building over many years.
The retro colour scheme is the perfect backdrop for the couple's period pieces, which include a wall-mounted Bakelite telephone and Smith's electric clock.
Edward Bryant of Pacolet, SC has been tapped for Electric Clock Operating duties.
But last night the frantic and costly search - which also involved the RSPCA, the fire service and a drains expert - was called off when the plaintive meows were tracked down to an electric clock on a cooker.
The old mechanism may have lost a minute or so each week so it has been decided to use an electric clock mechanism while keeping the original face and weather vane.
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Electric clocks on walls in Anchorage shut down at 5:36 p.
I have similar views about washing machines, electric clocks, and lawnmowers: all useful but unlovely tools.