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Synonyms for electric



  • electric-powered
  • powered
  • cordless
  • battery-operated
  • electrically-charged
  • mains-operated

Synonyms for electric

a car that is powered by electricity

using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity


(of a situation) exceptionally tense

Related Words

affected by emotion as if by electricity

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Despite the arrival of the electric clippers, many of the old traditions of the barber shop survive.
Reynolds sat down in a swivel chair with a full head of light brown hair, but as Principal Kathy Wolfson turned on the electric clippers and shaved her first path straight down the middle of his head, the crowd erupted in a chorus of high-pitched laughter.
Many workers use power lawnmowers, chainsaws, snowblowers, and electric clippers.
In fact, 54 percent of men who keep their hair short use electric clippers and usually need assistance from someone else.
I had already purchased the electric clippers some years earlier, now I bought a Clutch Winch Fitting Stand.
She entered the shop, sat at a mirror and picked up a pair of electric clippers.
Yesterday she wielded her electric clippers with consumate ease to shear five sheep in six minutes and 56 seconds.