electric chair

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an instrument of execution by electrocution

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On March 30, 1998, Judy Buenoano became the first woman to die in Florida's electric chair.
There are new and better ways of punishing a crime than by hanging, garrote, musketry or electric chair.
Drake told The Current that he decided to file the bill, called HB 325, after he overheard a constituent say, "You know, they ought to just put them in the electric chair or line them up in front of a firing squad.
He's certainly the best thing in this hokey supernatural thriller about a copper who becomes increasingly convinced that the spirit of a crazed serial killer he helped put away has escaped the electric chair and is carrying on an otherworldly murder spree.
Electric Chair, Plastic People, Cutloose When''s the next party?
The Electric Chair" series, both canvases and prints, was derived from a photograph of the electric chair in Sing Sing Penitentiary in Ossining, N.
The little housemate drank three glasses of champers then chatted up the girls before ramming his electric chair into the diary room.
DANCE HALL ROAD opens with a teenager, Jimmy Drake, handing Adrian Drury a picture of an electric chair.
italy: Management at an Italian funfair have withdrawn an attraction allowing visitors to watch a dummy suffer a grisly execution in an electric chair.
Among the images are this woman's foot perched in a towering stiletto-heeled shoe, the bones sharply angled, skeletal hands typing over the delicate circuitry of a laptop computer (below right), and an electric chair (below left), wreathed in sinister coils of wire.
With the gas chamber, hanging, shooting or the electric chair, the murderers were always awake and aware of what was going on, just as most of their victims were.
Winston Churchill wanted to put Adolf Hitler in the electric chair if he ever fell into Allied hands, a Washington Times report said.
MERV RETTEMUND, former Baltimore Oriole, when asked which he'd rather face, Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer or Tom Seaver: "That's like asking if I'd rather be hung or go to the electric chair.
The article proceeded to compare the output of the Taser X26 to that of an electric chair, stating the output of the Taser system is more than 100 times that of the electric chair, when, officials point out, the Taser system's average current is 1,000 times less than that of the electric chair.
Leon Czolgosz arrived in America in his mother's womb in 1873 and left America in the electric chair in 1901 after assassinating President William McKinley at the Temple of Music exhibition in Buffalo during the Pan American Exposition.