electric chair

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an instrument of execution by electrocution

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The inside becomes the outside in Nick Veasey's images of an electric chair and a laptop computer with skeletal hands operating it
8 million to turn the prison's former power plant into a museum building and create a tunnel that would lead to Sing Sing's original cell block, which would house a replica of the electric chair and other prison memorabilia.
In 1928, the state of New York sent Ruth Snyder to the electric chair for the brutal murder of her husband.
The Brother: The Untold Story of Atomic Spy David Greenglass and How He Sent His Sister, Ethel Rosenberg, to the Electric Chair.
Although EdiSOn was a staunch opponent of capital punishment, he put a lot of effort into perfecting the electric chair and convincing politicians of its advantages over the noose, the guillotine, or lethal drugs.
Nevertheless, says the AP, their supporters say nothing the Rosenbergs did warranted the electric chair.
Under the pseudonym Lawrence King, Evelyn Morgan and Deborah McMartin have co-authored 'Stone Justice', the true-life tale of the only woman to be executed in the electric chair in the American state of Louisiana.
Eight of the nine teens were found guilty and sentenced to death in the electric chair.
At various points hanging, firing squads, the gas chamber, the electric chair, and now lethal injection have been viewed as advances in killing technology.
He offered two definitions for compassionate conservatism: It believes in using an electric chair with lumbar support, and it hopes to restore power to the states, preferably before nightfall.
To wear it around one's neck would be like wearing a miniature electric chair around your neck today.
According to Corrections Alert, the Florida Supreme Court soon will decide whether electrocution constitutes cruel and unusual punishment -- a ruling that could impact correctional policies in the other 10 states that use the electric chair for executions.
It ends with the President's execution in an electric chair, after which he and Odette-Monica are happily united in heaven.
A Sick toy electric chair - complete with screaming doll - could soon be on sale in Britain.